20 Mar 2015


We at 9jEducation understand sometimes  pictures speak louder than words. So we are ecstatic to find a visualisation of the election process on the INEC website we want to share with you.

This is the INEC approved election process so we are aware before next week's elections.

More pictures after the jump.

18 Mar 2015

Mother's Day Reflections.

Sunday, 15th of March was just another one of those days for me as I woke up as usual and first thing I did was to reach for my Smartphone. In this day and age, it is very understandable that for many young people and even some people from the older generation alike, the phone is their first port of call in the mornings. After silencing my alarm that woke me up, the next stop was to check my message on my instant messaging platform BBM and that was when it hit me, the day was Mother’s Day.

16 Mar 2015

P.V.C's and the 2015 Elections.

Technology is finally coming to play in the Nigerian electoral process.

Since Nigeria attained democratic governance in 1999 the legitimacy of all subsequent governments have been marred by accusations and evidence of electoral mal-practice. The process of allowing the electorate (which comprises all people of voting age) the right to participate in the process of choosing their leaders is a cardinal cardinal tenet of democracy. With every election the process has slowly been fine tuned with the supervision of external observers and the support of the United Nations and the federal government. For the 2015 elections the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) received 120 billion Naira. Though recently, there are concerns as more than half of the budget isn't released yet, the body has forged ahead under the command of Alhaji Attahiru Jega and made some remarkable progress.

13 Mar 2015

POETRY: She Is Not A Trophy

This is a piece sent to us by Nifemi Brown, a student of University of Lagos in celebration of the International Women's Day. Enjoy. 


She's not a trophy
Not similar to a metal
Of whatever kind of precious stone
Be it gold, sapphire, diamond
She's not a trophy.

She's not a trophy
Not for decorative purpose
She's not a pool of stagnant water
She's not to be placed,carted around or tossed about
She's not a trophy.

4 Mar 2015

Inter-Gender Friendships: Possible or Myth.

American romantic comedy made in 1989 “When Harry Met Sally” is a movie that has tried to solve the old age long question of whether men and women can be just friends. This question has led researchers to try finding an answer by conducting experiments and surveys in order to establish whether two people of the opposite sex can be just friends.  A research by Bleske and Rechek in the 2000s suggests that there might be hope of men and women being just friends although men have a harder time of keeping their emotions platonic in such relationships.