6 Apr 2015

Poetry: Words Started This Apocalypse.


infantile selfishness & an insatiable curiosity
caused the fall of man
lame monkeys, they fall to the same vices
Words foretold of the apocalypse
but ears were stoppered with wax & self conceit
not when embalmers painted the pyramids
and cast golden runes as odes to the slain
Heads swung away from the gates of Ashteroth
and her beasts of fantasy & bas-relief
they carried more fearsome monsters within
they engorged themselves with delphic prophecies
subsumed its delirious smoke & exhaled it unheeded
Olympus fell, with it Greece and Rome
still they sat, stone hearted
Red and Black and Saffron Skin
soiled by the Englishman's invasion
the warning and wards of forebears
forsaken for lures of looking glass & tinder & shell
the announcer's anguished commentary
dirge for fireworks abloom from the Challenger
still Orwell's '84 gathers dust on shelf
all words did was quicken the tragedy
rouse the stampede off the cliff

Words started this apocalypse
quips uttered in ear shot
like a measure set in quicksand
stones in trough rising thoughts to the surface
Words foretold this apocalypse
prophecies in the guise of passing observation
the depths to which they resonate underestimated
jagged shards transmuted from China once whole
Simmering that leaves a charred, black heart
gashes on thigh and arm dripping into the dark
vicious slurs slung thoughtlessly at an easy target
the incendiary that lights the hidden charge
horror is the aftermath
as the implosion spreads outward
consuming others in this final act of immolation
hindsight is glaring on his scarred flesh
and journals scrawled over with apathy
Words started this apocalypse
they conceived and nurtured it
encouraged and then made jest of it
sheltered it in pretty rhetoric until it festered
and when it grew rotten, urged it to its death
and words will analyse it
In startling detail will they immortalise it
and indifference will be the grave under which it's buried.


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