13 Mar 2015

POETRY: She Is Not A Trophy

This is a piece sent to us by Nifemi Brown, a student of University of Lagos in celebration of the International Women's Day. Enjoy. 


She's not a trophy
Not similar to a metal
Of whatever kind of precious stone
Be it gold, sapphire, diamond
She's not a trophy.

She's not a trophy
Not for decorative purpose
She's not a pool of stagnant water
She's not to be placed,carted around or tossed about
She's not a trophy.

She's not a trophy
She's beautiful beyond her bossom
Her worth is not tied to the shakes of her behind
She's not a trophy.
She's not a trophy
She transcends her thighs,
the lustre of her locks,
the warmth of her night embrace,
her sky scrapping heels.
She's a goddess, beautiful beyond her gorgeous garment.
She's more than the blissful musical whisper.
She's another being
She has a voice that stands
Not a voice that reverberates under a man's.
She's the Alpha and Omega of her world.
She's a woman not a trophy.

Written by: Nifemi Brown.
A writer. Art driven. Student.

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