18 Mar 2015

Mother's Day Reflections.

Sunday, 15th of March was just another one of those days for me as I woke up as usual and first thing I did was to reach for my Smartphone. In this day and age, it is very understandable that for many young people and even some people from the older generation alike, the phone is their first port of call in the mornings. After silencing my alarm that woke me up, the next stop was to check my message on my instant messaging platform BBM and that was when it hit me, the day was Mother’s Day.

For someone like me that doesn't put a lot of interest in all the days  observed by the United Nations, I was unprepared for this special day dedicated to the celebration of mother’s around the globe. All across my social media and instant messaging platforms, my friends and acquaintances appreciated their mothers. It had me staring into the faces of mothers of Nigeria’s future. Women from different walks of life, with different stories and different orientations all bound by the common bond of motherhood. A quick search of my phone to see if I had any picture of my mother proved abortive and it hit me that I don’t even have a recent picture taken with her. The last picture had been taken some time back in 2014 and thanks to a crashed memory card that was nowhere to be found. It dawned on me then that for so long, my mother has been a part of me and has come to be another feature to be taken for granted. Like most things that we have, we don’t appreciate the value because it is always there for us no matter what.

A display picture from another contact with the wordings ‘RIP to the mothers that are gone, we love you,” hit me even harder as I realized while many were celebrating their moms, there were also people out there wishing they had a mother here on earth to celebrate. It is in this vein therefore that I write to urge you today, do not wait for next year’s Mother’s Day to appreciate your mother. Mothers are invaluable assets to mankind and that is why we must appreciate them daily. Don’t wait till your mother is gone before you wake up to the realization that she is one the best things in your life. I know for a certainty that I have woken up to the realization that I have failed in showing my mother how much I love her daily. Words are not just enough, take action and love your momma.

From me, it’s a happy mother’s day and thanking all the mothers in the world, both living and gone for the great works they continue to do, the many untold sacrifices they continue to make. God bless our super moms.

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