9 Feb 2015

Smart Social Media Sites You Should Consider joing.

Everyone complains that the internet is a soul sucking drain of time and energy and social media is the absolute worst creation of the internet age (debatable). While that might be subjectively true, the internet is also the largest resource of information in the world and nowhere is this information better curated than on social media sites. So we at 9jeducation want to introduce you to a few sites that you might have overlooked. .

QUORA: Quora is a crowd sourced answer site, continuing in a long line of answer sites started by Yahoo Answers. Considered one of the smarter social media sites. Quora crowd sources the smartest answers by site members on any question asked and then is either sent to the top of the page or sent to the bottom by votes from other members, a process called 'Upvoting' or 'Downvoting' (We'll see this again in Reddit). Unlike other Social Media, Quora requires you to use your real name as your screen name and religiously censors what questions can be uploaded, so there is little chance for trolling or thinly veiled pornographic scenarios, a problem most other social media sites have. Another thing Quora has that some people might not like is that it allows questions users have asked be brought up during Google searches.

Quora is exclusively a Q and A site. Discussions might result from the questions asked, (called Edits and Suggestions) but largely the format remains the same.

Quora is easily the smartest social media site right now, with the a majority of professionals choosing to use it, so if you want to expand your knowledge of abstract concepts through question and answer sessions, then Quora is the place for you.

REDDIT: Imagine if someone mashed together CNN, MTV and Twitter together into one site, yup that's Reddit. Reddit is a social 'curation' site (curation being a fancy word for gathering similar stuff in a shared space). Members can submit content in the form of text, images or internet links on any subject. Members then comment on the content submitted, either as stand alone text entries, long discussions/debates, images that complement or detract from the post or even further internet links.

Because of the vast entries that Reddit recieves everyday, the site groups posts with similar content into broad categories called 'Sub Reddits'. These Sub-Reddits allow users the ability to find exactly what is needed instead having to go through all the posts looking for things that interest you. The Reddit community is also very active, downvoting and upvoting posts and comments that they like and dislike.  Unlike Quora which is very 'smart' Q and A oriented, Reddit allows you either start a conversation around a topic you like or just simply appreciate things. The true value of Reddit comes from the wide range of subjects that get posted on to the site. You literally can learn about anything on Reddit.

Reddit also has the insanely popular Sub-Reddit called AMA (Ask Me Anything) where people from all fields allow themselves to be interviewed by members of the site. Many amazing things have happened as a result of AMA's.

Reddit might be a little hard to navigate for a first timer but if you stick at it, you'll easily get the hang of things.

TWITTER: Of course we have to mention Twitter. You might already be aware of twitter where we have a profile @9jEducation. Twitter is the ultimate hub of microblogging. People post pictures, and text called 'tweets' as well as links to other webpages. The content of these tweets can be and usually are about anything and everything. A lot of information is up on Twitter, easily accessible with a quick search, though your search would have to be quite specific to allow you filter out all other unnecessary information.
But that isn't why Twitter is on this list, it is on this list because of the proximity allows regular users with professionals in their field. If youre a dancer or an astrophysicist or even career gambler, there is someone on twitter who is a professional in your field ready to network, just a tweet away. An opportunity like that would be too fantastic to pass up.

So, tired of Facebook, make the move today.

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