18 Feb 2015

Amazing Artists: Ndidi Emefiele.

We at 9jEducation love young creatives who are redefining what is to be artistic and successful in Nigeria so whenever we come across one of these people we just have to share. Our artist for this showcase is a double talent, a mixed media artist who has distinguished herself with her woman-centric portraits and paintings: Ndidi Emefiele.

Ndidi is a mixed media artists known for integrating every day objects such as discarded laser discs and ankara wax prints into her highly expressive grand portraits of women. A graduate of Delta State University Abraka graduating in 2007 and currently studying at the Slade School of Art, UCL London, Ndidi has participated in many art collectives. Her first Solo exhibition in Abuja showcased a collection of abstract paints. Her second solo exhibition in 2013 titled Unmatched Beauty also opened in Abuja showcasing the female portraits that have now become her calling card. Ndidi has exhibited widely in several group exhibitions and is currently one of the most sought after artists in Nigeria. Here is some more of her work.

Okolo Edwin


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