7 Jan 2015

H.O.O.R: The Read Club

A lot of great social media driven projects came to life last year, most memorably the Twitter Premier League, a one day football tournament, proceeds of which went to charity. Following the resonant success of the TPL and other projects that grew out of social media, we at 9jeducation have decided to keep an eye out for the most interesting ones and keep you updated. Recently we came across The Read Club Nigeria.

Started by a number of people on twitter to combat the decline of interest in fiction in Nigeria and provide a community of readers discussing books, The Read Club was born. The Read Club, primarily a social media book club is open to everyone and reads all genres, an all inclusive medium to reach as many as possible. The Read Club uses a format of democratic choosing to pick which book is read weekly, announced on the Saturday of one week allowing five days for the book to be read before it is discussed the Friday of the following week. Readers can nominate books to be read by tweeting at the club's twitter handle @TheReadClub with the hashtag #TheReadClubSuggests and also join in the discussions about books by either directly mentioning the twitter handle or using the hashtag #TheReadClub. 

The Read Club NG is novel idea that engages social media properly for a positive cause and we are eager to see how big it grows to be. Don't sleep on this, follow The Read Club today and get reading. The Book for last Week was The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo and the choices for this week are still open. Make sure your preference is heard.

To make enquiries you can either reach them on their twitter handle or email them at twitterbookclubng@gmail.com

From us, it's Hello. 

Edwin Okolo 

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  1. Hopefully, I get to read some of those books and even join the reading Club.