21 Jan 2015

H.O.O.R: Art Classes At The Osh Gallery

We've talked about the Osh Gallery before, the new gallery located at no 331 Herbert Macauley Way Yaba, dedicated to discovering new artists and giving young and first time artists a platform with which to launch their careers with their close relations to the major art schools in Nigeria and their Artist Development Program that works closely with young artists.

Well the Osh Gallery has decided to take things a step further and started Art classes open to the general public. Starting with amateur classes for people who have never picked up a pencil all the way to intermediate classes for people who have some skill but want to brush up, the Art classes at the Osh Gallery are a brilliant way to introduce art to a new group of people.

The Gallery offers three distinct subjects: Figure drawing classes for beginner  to intermediate students well equipped with models and easels as well as art supplies. Topics that will be treated include Human Anatomy, Portraiture, Composition and Drawing Techniques. The Figure drawing classes both weekday and weekend started in August 2014, so you can join any time.

There are also Painting classes for beginner to intermediate students, The painting classes are structured to last over a three month period with the students working on projects specifically chosen by their supervisors. Topics to be covered include Colour Theory, Drawing, Life Painting and Mixed Media. The final works will be critiqued by an external judge and then exhibited to the general public. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?

Finally, there are Sculpture classes for people who'd like to get gritty with their work. Though because of the complexity of sculpture and a couple of logistical issues, only one medium will be taught in sculpture- clay. There will be clay modeling, mold making and casting classes. Students will also be shown how to model and cast sculptures in Silicone, Plaster, Polystyrene, Clay and Fiberglass.

The classes range between #20,000 and #30,000 Naira and some classes require you to bring your own materials. This is an amazing opportunity, Look it up and maybe register,
one of the past exhibitions held at the Gallery.

For more information check out the Osh Gallery here.

Edwin Okolo

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