19 Jan 2015

Business Ideas For Fresh Graduates

With fresh graduates currently waiting for their call up letters and school resuming for the rest of the undergraduate world, I thought now would be a good time to write this article. We all have our dream jobs in our head and various ideas on how to hit it big but of course we have the harsh reality of life. In a situation where that dream job is not forthcoming, rather than sitting at home waiting for that white collar job, take a look at some businesses that you can start up on your own with little capital to sustain yourself.
Engage in a Skillful Trade: While you were a student on campus, I am sure there were seminars and workshops organized to teach students basic vocational skills to empower them later in life. If you were one of the students that took advantage of such opportunities then your skills can come in handy at this period. Not to worry, if you were not so fortunate, it is not too late to learn a skill that can fetch you money, from bead making, decorating, carpentry, photography, painting, tailoring, barbing, baking and the likes, you can make some quick cash without having to break the bank.  
Freelance Jobs Online: Take advantage of the internet and get jobs online. There is money to be made over the internet so don’t limit your use of the internet to just chatting. You can take on jobs as a freelance writer, a blogger, or even a social media consultant. You can turn your knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Email and other social media knowledge into money by applying to be a social media consultant for specific people and organizations.
Become a General Contractor: As a job seeker you should be ready to capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way. If you get a job for instance that is not in your field, accept it then get a professional in that field to do it, you pay them for their services and still have something for yourself. For instance if you studied Electrical engineering in school, you could take up the wiring of newly built houses on contract and get the services of an experienced electrician to help do the job while you supervise.
Farming: Many young Nigerians do not want to get their hands dirty as they have the ‘get rich quick’ syndrome. If you are not opposed to the idea of hard work, then you can consider starting up a farming business. There are various forms of farming you can dab into, there is poultry farming which involves rearing of birds. Rearing of broilers is very lucrative and it takes about only three months for them to develop. Or you could get a piece of land and plant crops such as maize, okro, melon, yam, etc, depending on the season.
Buying and Selling: You can take advantage of sites like Olx, Kaymu and the likes for your buying and selling business. For this you don’t even need a shop as you can arrange where to meet potential customers. Rather than sit at home doing nothing, you can get goods for a cheap price and then sell at a higher rate to other people. Working class people for instance do not usually have the time to get things for themselves so you can provide the service of helping them buy and selling to them. You can charge them for the mobile service and ensure you sell to those who pay promptly to allow your business flourish.
Private Tutoring: As fresh graduate, you should open your options to private teaching as a means of survival. Teaching kids at home can earn you money from parents who do not want to pay too high for lesson fees. Just be sure not to overcharge and word of mouth can also get you more students to teach. You can also coach students preparing for exams like JAMB and WAEC and before you realize it you would have built yourself a strong brand.

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