29 Dec 2014

Life Hacks: Top Five Mobile Apps for Students.

Top Five Apps for the Tech Savvy Student

Google Apps
Hey there, welcome to our weekly Top Five Apps for the Tech Savvy student! My name is Ezim Osai and I shall be your tour guide on this so nerdy a journey.

In lieu of recent surveys, it has been found that over 40% of youths in Nigeria who currently use the internet on mobile phones, rock the Android Operating System. The Android OS is the brain baby of Google and was much commercialized in Nigeria with the dawn of Tecno and several other phone providers, who provided Androids for the masses at very pocket-friendly prices sometime between 2008-2012.

As this is the preferred Operating System of most youths, and my own preferred operating system, our apps will be Android apps which may or may not be available on iOS, Windows, BlackBerry or Java. As a beginning week, this week all the apps on my list are Google Apps (Apps developed by/in Google Inc) and while it was a bit tough selecting just five, I believe the under listed will be of immense use to a tech savvy student (or anyone in general, really).

Google Drive
Topping my list this week is Google Drive. GDrive is an app and service that lets users save files (pictures, videos, texts, folders, apps etc) on a cloud system with a free 15GB storage!
Not only can these files be saved, but they can be shared with other users to 'collaborate' without ever being downloaded by the other user.
What this means is that for some of us who are very concerned about Intellectual Property, someone we choose can view and edit certain accessible files but will be unable to download them to his or her own device. Pretty neat huh?

An added advantage is the ease of access of Drive. Once you have it downloaded to any device running Android OS (or any computer at all), all you have to do is sign into your Gmail and have all your saved files at your fingertips to be viewed, edited, shared or downloaded whenever you want.

While Drive may not be the best Cloud service ever, it is very easy to use and very functional. Top choice for me.

Google Chrome
Chrome is the web browser from Google which comes preinstalled on some devices but certainly not all of them.

Although Chrome is not my favourite web browser, it does bring a useability and sleekness that other browsers are yet to match. Particularly, it made this list because of one simple function: Shared Tabs/History.

Wherever you download and sign into your Gmail with Chrome, all your old bookmarks and history can be imported into the new device. This is very useful for some of us who do a lot of web-work and can't always save URLs.

25 Dec 2014

Waiting for Santa Claus

By Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji

She has vowed to wait and meet Santa Claus this time – no going out, no sleeping, and no leaving the sitting room. Her dream must break forth into reality; she is tired of waiting. Since Odun was two, she has been dreaming of meeting Santa Claus. She has been awaiting the day she will look into Santa Claus's eyes to see the colour of his eyeballs. She wants to pass her fingers like a comb through his fluffy white beard. She also wants to put her ear on his stomach to know if there are coins jingling therein. Or maybe notes. She imagines he vomits money like an unbridled ATM for him to be able to purchase so many gifts that he distributes. She wants to feel the tenderness in his palms too.
She has waited for six years, but something always happened that would be the reason she could not see Santa Claus. Last year and the one before, she fell asleep. That was her parents' justification for her not seeing him. When she asked her parents why they did not wake her, they claimed Santa Claus restrained them, saying he does not like disturbing children sleeping on Christmas day. Why is Santa Claus avoiding me, she wonders.

24 Dec 2014

At What Point Do You Let Go?

The question of parents choosing careers for their children has been the reason behind many debates and arguments in times past. More parents have begun to see the reason and logic behind allowing their children follow their dreams and passions while only acting as supporters and guardians in the pursuing of these dreams. It is however sad to note that some parents still have the mindset that they hold the remote control over their children’s destinies and therefore exercise all their power in determining their wards’ future.

With school exams over and nothing to do but laze around during this festive season, I was quick to accept an old high school friend’s invitation to go swimming with him and a course mate of his. Although we study at the same university, we rarely get to see and I saw it as a good opportunity to try bonding with him and catch up with how university life has been since graduation from secondary school. I got to the pool all excited and met my friend already there with the aforementioned course mate of his.

22 Dec 2014

Inspiration: Odun Orinmolade

There is a lot to get inspired by in Nigeria; art, fashion, culture, academic excellence. Everyone says, there is nothing and no one to be inspired by and we at 9jeducation disagree this is why we are profiling our most inspirational Nigerians in different fields. Our inspiration for today is mixed media artist, Odun Orinmolade. 

Odun Orinmolade is an alumnus of the Yaba College of Technology based in Lagos Nigeria and graduated with stellar results. She is currently teaching there, the university where she first learnt to appreciate art in their department of Fine Arts. Odun is brilliant speaker and an even better artist. Her work is inspired by nature and the environment around her, and her representation of this inspiration is usually abstract or dystopian and sometimes bears similarity to scientific photographs due to the intricacy of the details in her work.

Odun Orinmolade has exhibited her work extensively across Nigeria and beyond. In 2006 she had her first solo exhibition at the art exhibition centre TerraKulture. Her most recent exhibition was at the Freedom park in November 2014 as part of an artist collaboration at the Lagos Book and Art Festival.  She has also had a recent solo exhibition at the Unisa Space Art Gallery in Pretoria, South Africa. She is a recipient of several academic awards, including the Prof. Y. A. Grillo award (1998), Nigerian Cards Ltd Award (1998), Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence (1998), Jeromelaiho and Associate Award (1998), Insight Communication Award (1998), Fasuyi Art Prize (1998) and Conrad Theys Bursary Award, South Africa (2011). In addition to her independent practice, Orimolade has taken part in several artistic collaborations in Nigeria.

There are strong African influence in Odun Orinmolade's work, with a number of her art pieces centred around women and interactions with space. Odun is brilliant and beautiful and we cannot get over the fact that she is a alumnus of Yaba Tech, a college that younger generations of Nigerians thanks to current sentiment have been led to believe is inferior to Nigeria's universities. Orinmolade is proof that all our educational institutions are capable of training greats. Odun Orinmolade is our inspiration. She is brilliant and we celebrate her.

19 Dec 2014


Want to try something totally unexpected this weekend?

Give back this christmas by going here.

We promise you won't regret it.

The Smile Care initiative is a charity that specifically targets children and young adults in difficult circumstances and try to reintegrate them into society through mentorship programmes and direct contact as well as gifts and assistance. Their work is achieved through a network of volunteers. We at 9jeducation commend their efforts and ask that you do too.

Give back this holiday.

17 Dec 2014

Hot On Our Radar: Ways To Have Fun And Give Back This Holiday

Yeah, we hear it all the time, that young people don't have enough to give back. We at 9jeducation do not believe that. We believe in young people coming together to create avenues where they can impact other young people and the larger society. Young people are the largest demographic in Nigeria right now and what most of us lack in financial mobility we have in spades in time and effort. So we at 9jeducation have rounded up a few events happening this holiday period where you can have fun and give back. 


In it's third 'season' the Twitter Premier League is an football event organized entirely online. Its a football tournament that draws its players and audience entirely from social media like twitter and facebook, The first edition held on the 29th of May 2014,  a one day event that involved four teams. 

The second event held four months later in September hosted it's first female teams. Like a real football league, there are transfers between clubs and club rivalries and lively conversation around the whole event on twitter and facebook. The next TPL event will hold on the 20th of December with six male teams and two female teams and tickets for the tournament cost 1000 naira. 

It's an amazing way to give back this year as a portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to various children and women's charities in Nigeria. So you get to watch good football and connect with new people while supporting the good cause. A win on all fronts. To get tickets for TPL3 go to www.thetpl.org.

the 2013 Christmas on the Streetz volunteer team at Makoko Lagos.


Christmas on the streetz is a non-denominational charity event that happens across three cities in Nigeria, Lagos, Benin City and Abuja. The way this event works is that a day is set aside during the Christmas holiday, usually Christmas day in Lagos where people gather with gifts and supplies and a handful of volunteers travel to the impoverished parts of the city to spend Christmas with the inhabitants of the town, which is where the charity gets its name. Right now, the Christmas on the Streetz team is looking for supplies in anticipation of the event, there are many ways to donate; you can either pay directly to their official account:

Munachi Aniemena; UBA; 2059093752

Or call 08120974315 or email  cots.ng@gmail.com for other donations. 

Christmas on the streetz is a great way for Christians and especially non-Christians to get into the spirit of the holiday and give back. For further information  and if you want to join the volunteers who will go to to the towns on the day of the event you can also contact the Christmas on the Streetz official twitter handle @cots_ng.

Ball for Borno is a charity Basketball event organized by young Nigerians to source relief materials for the over 800 Internally Displaced Children who have fled their homes and villages in Borno state for refugee camps as a result of the religious insurgency being perpetuated by Boko Haram.

In it's second 'season', Ball for Borno is aimed at gathering items that the internally displaced children need such as bathing soap, body cream, detergents, sponges, tissue paper, antiseptics (e.g Dettol), laundry soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, clothes, footwear, and other toiletries and sanitary materials. This is a press release from the Ball for Borno team. 

" The first Ball for Borno event was held on the 31st of March, 2014 at the Syrian Club, Ikoyi. We were able to fill 2 buses with items for the IDPs! We’re hoping that with your help, this second one will be even more successful! If you can't make it to the event, you can drop your contributions at the MADC office (No 13 Ayodeji Otegbola Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos). 

For more information on this event and how you can be part of it, please contact @msnemah #BallForBorno2."

If you want to contribute to the cause in Borno state and love Basket Ball, this is the perfect avenue for you to give back and have fun. Use it. 

These three events are great, fun and give back, we’ll be there, hope to see you guys too. 

Image credit: jaguda.com, www.thetpl.org

Edwin Okolo 

12 Dec 2014

H.O.O.R: The Goethe Institut Library and Information Centre.

One of the big complaints I hear every day in Nigeria is the absence of adequate facilities to encourage interest in self education. Our national libraries use outdated practices and stock books that are quite frankly archaic and barely useful. We at 9jeducation have been looking for an alternative to that and we have stumbled on greatness in the form of the Goethe Institut's Library and Information Centre.

Fascinated with Germany? Love the German Language? Looking for a way to learn about German History, Culture and Socio-political and Economy impact over the last Century? Interested in opportunities to access German Writers and Poets? Looking for a way to keep abreast of current affairs in Germany and how it affects Europe and the world at large, the Goethe Institut's Library and Info Centre is for you. In collaboration with several indigenous Education boards and Charities, The Goethe Institut seeks to foster interest in reading as well as fostering a positive outlook on German life and Culture. These are some of the services they provide.

10 Dec 2014


Umeh Onuorah’s “Ambassadors of Poverty” is a political poem which seeks to ridicule the ill of corruption in the society. Although the persona the poet dons in the poem does not mention a particular setting, it is not hard to figure that the country in question easily passes for Nigeria. The poem addresses two classes of people; the rich (political elite) and the poor masses who are all natives of the same land. The political elite hold public offices that democratically puts them in positions of stewardship but sadly they end up only serving their own selfish interests.

In the first stanza of the poem, the poet persona expresses his anger by likening them to thieves when he says in lines 3-4  

                                    ‘Patriots in reverse order
Determined merchants of loots”

3 Dec 2014


Ever wondered where your favorite mythical creatures come from. Unicorns and Leprechauns and Kelpies? Well, I found this interesting Infographic from the site Venere.com that tracks the origins of most of our favorite mythical creatures as well as  few obscure ones as well. I am a little disappointed that there are no mythical creatures from Africa and Egypt was somehow added to Western Asia. But I won't dismiss their effort altogether.

1 Dec 2014


For 30 years, a man has expressed himself via different media, perpetually bringing into light the immense variety of form and formlessness which co-exist – sometimes in perfect balance; sometimes bringing about utter chaos – within his head.
This is me. Artist. In word, in sound and in imagery. And it is time that you witnessed… The Disconnect.
On Saturday, 13th December, I stage my first art show at The Osh Gallery. 381 Herbert Macaulay way, Yaba. 4pm. 
Come and see some of the characters and entities who play around in my heart, soul and mind and have somehow managed to escape unto canvas. You might even want to take some of them home with you. They are that intriguing.
Drofu will also be showing their art and merchandise. You want to see and purchase that too.