22 Dec 2014

Inspiration: Odun Orinmolade

There is a lot to get inspired by in Nigeria; art, fashion, culture, academic excellence. Everyone says, there is nothing and no one to be inspired by and we at 9jeducation disagree this is why we are profiling our most inspirational Nigerians in different fields. Our inspiration for today is mixed media artist, Odun Orinmolade. 

Odun Orinmolade is an alumnus of the Yaba College of Technology based in Lagos Nigeria and graduated with stellar results. She is currently teaching there, the university where she first learnt to appreciate art in their department of Fine Arts. Odun is brilliant speaker and an even better artist. Her work is inspired by nature and the environment around her, and her representation of this inspiration is usually abstract or dystopian and sometimes bears similarity to scientific photographs due to the intricacy of the details in her work.

Odun Orinmolade has exhibited her work extensively across Nigeria and beyond. In 2006 she had her first solo exhibition at the art exhibition centre TerraKulture. Her most recent exhibition was at the Freedom park in November 2014 as part of an artist collaboration at the Lagos Book and Art Festival.  She has also had a recent solo exhibition at the Unisa Space Art Gallery in Pretoria, South Africa. She is a recipient of several academic awards, including the Prof. Y. A. Grillo award (1998), Nigerian Cards Ltd Award (1998), Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence (1998), Jeromelaiho and Associate Award (1998), Insight Communication Award (1998), Fasuyi Art Prize (1998) and Conrad Theys Bursary Award, South Africa (2011). In addition to her independent practice, Orimolade has taken part in several artistic collaborations in Nigeria.

There are strong African influence in Odun Orinmolade's work, with a number of her art pieces centred around women and interactions with space. Odun is brilliant and beautiful and we cannot get over the fact that she is a alumnus of Yaba Tech, a college that younger generations of Nigerians thanks to current sentiment have been led to believe is inferior to Nigeria's universities. Orinmolade is proof that all our educational institutions are capable of training greats. Odun Orinmolade is our inspiration. She is brilliant and we celebrate her.

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