12 Dec 2014

H.O.O.R: The Goethe Institut Library and Information Centre.

One of the big complaints I hear every day in Nigeria is the absence of adequate facilities to encourage interest in self education. Our national libraries use outdated practices and stock books that are quite frankly archaic and barely useful. We at 9jeducation have been looking for an alternative to that and we have stumbled on greatness in the form of the Goethe Institut's Library and Information Centre.

Fascinated with Germany? Love the German Language? Looking for a way to learn about German History, Culture and Socio-political and Economy impact over the last Century? Interested in opportunities to access German Writers and Poets? Looking for a way to keep abreast of current affairs in Germany and how it affects Europe and the world at large, the Goethe Institut's Library and Info Centre is for you. In collaboration with several indigenous Education boards and Charities, The Goethe Institut seeks to foster interest in reading as well as fostering a positive outlook on German life and Culture. These are some of the services they provide.

The Goethe Institut's Library has a stock of current daily German Newspapers and regular periodicals (journals and magazines). The Library also stocks a vast and varied collection of work from German born authors and Poets both in Native German and translated into English for non-Language students and non German speakers. Both exist to help readers immerse themselves in good literature and day to day German affairs.


The Goethe Institut has a wide array of top and more obssucre Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop and House music from German born singers and Singer-songwriters, showcasing the German sonic landscape. Apart from music the Institut also stocks a well balanced range of audio books as well as audio podcasts and read documentaries. What better way to learn while on the go than listening?


The Institut has a large database of German films curated from works over the last half century as well German television series, cultural and literary documentaries as well as children films to introduce more  minds to the joys of the German experience.


For people who wish the German language, there are comprehension, grammar and dictation exercises available both as hard copy documents or in the form of PC supported learning programs. The Library and Information Centre liaises with the Goethe Institut language centre to help language enthusiasts master the German language. 

The Institut's Library and Information Centre pays special attention to the needs of children as such has created a special children's library to accommodate the learning needs of children and young adults interested in learning about Germany. 

The library is open to all potential users. Most items in the library can be borrowed by registered member's of the Institut. To become a member, all that is required is a #500 naira registration fee for those who are already student's of the Institut's language centre and #1000 for those who are non-members per year. Books may be borrowed for four weeks at a time after which a fine is levied against late returners. 

To find out more about the Goethe Institut's library, go here.

There is also an e-library for people who cannot physically visit the Goethe Institut. The e-library can be accessed by filling this form, 
This sounds amazing. You should join. 

Edwin Okolo

Extra information attained from www.goethe.de.

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