20 Oct 2014

Top 6 Scenic Places in the University of Ibadan

Top 6 Most Scenic Places in the University of Ibadan

There are a lot of scenic places in the University of Ibadan where a person could go to chill in the evenings or where writers like us go to write and seek inspiration or where couples could even go for a quiet time (or where you single fellows could go looking for pretty females). This list is compiled in no particular order as ranking them would not be a thing of beauty. Well, here they are, enjoy!

Nescafe Garden (Faculty of Arts): The Nescafe Garden is a little chill-spot located behind the Faculty of Arts Quadrangle. The Nescafe Garden combines nature and modernism in a simple and mature way; a lot of my stories have been written there and I have met quite a few interesting people ;) While it may not exactly be new to Art students, it is a place worth checking out for other students and people new to the University of Ibadan.

Awba Dam: Awba Dam is beside CBN lecture theatre and it can be seen from the gallery or from the top of the stairs outside the theatre. The best view however, is on Waide Martin Road where you can see the whole dam with the Cattle Egrets and canoes across it. Seeing it in the evening is nothing short of magical as the light catches the surface of the water and turns it into a prism of colours. Awba Dam has been the inspiration for a good number of my works and also one of my photo sessions.

Rock Section, Botanical Gardens: While the Botanical Garden is generally quite scenic in almost all the sections, my favourite is the last section which is the Rock Section. The Rock Section is reminiscent of my home in Delta; the high ground and the trees around bring up this sense of peaceful nostalgia. Not to mention that a few of my romances have budded there *big grin* and I sometimes go there to get away. With the preternatural quiet and scene, it is a good place to think and get inspired.

Susanne Wenger Gardens (Institute of African Studies): Susanne Wenger Gardens is one of my favourite places in the University of Ibadan. There’s a particular statue that reminds me of Toothless in How to Train A Dragon ^^ and it always puts me in a good mood whenever I see it. While Susanne Wenger is not the quietest of places in the mornings, in the evenings with only the statues and the insects for company, it turns into a place of magic. A lot of the ideas of my Silhouette of the Fading Moon series began there and one of the new stories I’m working on is set in Susanne Wenger. The best thing about Susanne Wenger Garden is the fact that it is like a confluence of lifestyles: African, Modern and Natural. Susanne Wenger is a beautiful place for a quiet evening and probably a picnic.

Coca-cola Gardens (Faculty of Agriculture): The Coca-cola Garden is located in the faculty of Agric; it can be seen from Benue Road and the view is quite breathtaking. While the Coca-cola Garden is not the most comfortable place at every time of the day, on a cool evening it is sure a nice place to be as you can observe the farms and people there. While I have not too many personal experiences with Coca-cola, it sure is a very lovely place to be.

[Queens] Heritage Park: The Heritage Park or Queens Heritage Park is located opposite Queen Elizabeth II Hall on Oduduwa Road. The Heritage Park is basically a lovers’ spot but if you get there at sunset especially after a rainy afternoon, you’d see a peculiar thing. The way the sun catches the asphalt and seems to shine on it is just wow! A few of my stories have been written there and one of my most beautiful ‘relationships’ began there (she graduated *tears*). Sitting there looking at the cars and people going bye could make you forget your problems and transport you to the world of dreams. QHP is very cool and a place where I visit frequently.

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22. June. 2014


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