8 Oct 2014

Meet Our Campus Reps: Ezim

My name is Ezim Osai and I am mostly awesome. I’m 19 years old, from Delta state and it has been three years since I began studying Physics in the University of Ibadan.

I’m a deist, optimist and realist at the same time :-D I love reading, writing, cooking, social media, photography, education, meeting new people and travelling (I’ve been to thirteen states in Nigeria *grin*).

Being a Campus Representative for 9JEducation is a fun job, it mostly entails writing and talking to people/students (which are some of my favorite things) but it also entails doing so with a level of maturity and poise as Reps are supposed to be ‘Model’ students. As a Rep, there is pressure for you to develop all-round, not just academically or socially. There’s a semi-mandatory unspoken rule that every year you should take and finish at least one course online (This year I have already finished HTML and CSS, and I’m well into Basic Chinese) which is actually very nice as these little skills we pick up are what go a long way in shaping what we turn out to be later in life.

On several assignments, there comes a point where your skills are put to the test and your ability is stretched past the limit, but being a ‘model’ student means you have to always come back and always have to be on your A-game.

I have been a Rep for two sessions now and it has been a fun and educating experience and one I hope to pass on to someone who will eventually be a better Rep than I am.

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