27 Oct 2014

6 Cool Hangout Spots in the University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Affectionately referred to as the university of choice, University of Lagos (Unilag) is undoubtedly one of the best Nigerian tertiary institutions and I am not saying that because I am a student of the institution (haha, maybe I am, just a bit).

I was surfing my favorite sites in my downtime when I checked 9jeducation blog and saw the post on top 6 scenic places in the University of Ibadan. Seeing this post and the beautiful pictures of the places mentioned brought to mind some of the more interesting parks and social spots in Unilag. Not to be outdone (Warri no dey carry last), I rounded up what in my opinion are the five coolest spots in Unilag to decompress and just chill with friends.

The UBA Green Park:
Situated close to the University’s main gate, the UBA Green Park is one of the first social spots you’ll find as you enter into the school. An ultra-modern green park; built by the United Bank for Africa (UBA) for the University of Lagos as part of their contribution to social responsibility. It is adjacent to the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and easily accessible. If you don’t mind the monkeys that can sometimes be seen peeking out of nearby bushes, it is a good spot to have a picnic, relax after a stressful lecture day or simply try to get inspiration from nature around you.

Adetokunbo Sofulowe Park:
This park is situated close to the Senate building of the school and it is directly opposite the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. It was built in honour of the late vice chancellor of the school Professor Adetokunbo Sofoluwe who died while in office. One of the most endearing features of this park is that it has charging spots directly under the statue of the late VC which means you can ping away while relaxing under the watchful gaze of the statue. It is one of my favourite spots to reflect in the cool evening.

Senate Love Garden:
The Senate love garden is just below the Senate building of the school and very close to the Faculty of Arts; it is directly behind the Arts Theatre. As the name implies, more often than not you would find lovers cuddled together at the love garden although it is usually populated by Arts and Law students during the day time. After the noise of the day, the love garden has a romantic tinge to it in the evenings and you can enjoy the whispered words of sweet nothings from your boyfriend or girlfriend. A word of advice, it’d be a good idea to carry along insect repellents, the mosquitoes there can make your evening quite unpleasant. 

The Unilag Botanical Garden and Zoo (Biological Gardens):
The Botanical Gardens is close to the year three visual arts studio which is somewhere around the Faculty of Engineering. One of the main attractions of the Biological Gardens in UNILAG is the cheap internet connection available there. With as low as fifty naira you can get access to the internet for one hour. It is advisable you come early in the morning, most of the heavy bandwith users usually come during the afternoons and make slow down the internet. Apart from the students huddled over their laptops and the added perks of free Wi-Fi, the biological gardens also has a functional zoo. I took some time to take a few photographs.

The Lagoon Front: 
The Lagoon front is just a stone throw from the Botanical Gardens and it is also close to the Faculty of Engineering, a stroll from the main auditorium. It is another major lover’s hangout for students of the University of Lagos so long as none of the love birds is scared of crabs. The crabs dominate the Lagoon front and with strategically placed log of woods and concrete chairs, you can enjoy the view with the crabs. The Lagoon front also provides you with a serene environment to read so it is not unusual to see that serious ‘jacking’ away. It is out of bounds at night for security purpose and I doubt any student really wants to go there at night, not with all the mermaid stories that make the rounds (hehehe another post for another day). Musical groups and study groups also come to make use of the Lagoon front so don’t be surprised if the peace and quiet is sometimes broken by a heated argument from a study group or the sonorous voice of a singer serenades you from out of nowhere.

The Coffee Shop:

Not many students know of the coffee shop so this is a free advert if I know one. The coffee shop is very close to the guest house and directly behind the Faculty of Business Administration. Its position at the back of the school makes it not too popular had it been in a more strategic place like New Hall. However, students from the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Arts frequent the coffee shop. With a cool interior and cable TV to entertain you, the coffee shop is a great hang out spot. A cup of coffee goes for about N70 and there are different flavours to choose from. So when next you find yourself in the University of Lagos, be sure to drop by for a cup of coffee and conversation with friends. 

Akinwale Akinyoade
University of Lagos, Department of English
Yaba College of Technology, Department of MassCommunication


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