8 Jan 2014


By Ezim Osai,
Wednesday, January 8, 2014

             "In us lies the fault, not in our stars"
                  - William Shakespeare [Julius Caesar]

2015: the year after this year. 2015 seems like a nice-looking year but full of so much expectations already. 2015 is the year certain elements prophesied that Nigeria will break up; closer to home, it is the year of elections.
Nigeria has seen three civilian Presidents since the beginning of the Second Republic or five if one includes Mallam Shehu Shagari and Ernest Shonekan. Our three Presidents have been: Rtd Gen Olusegun Obasanjo (1999 – 2007), (Late) Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua (2007 – 2009), Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (Ag 2009 – 2011, Pres 2011 – Present). Obasanjo is Yoruba, Yar’Adua was Hausa, Jonathan is Ijaw. Strictly speaking, ‘the Presidency has gone round’.

In Nigeria, we are a country divided in so many ways and united in not so many. Ruling of the country is something that should never be passed along sentimental, religious or tribal lines, but alas, we cannot close our eyes to the truth and pretend that it is not. Before 2011, Southerners and Easterners complained that they had never ruled the country, but GEJ was elected and the tumult died down for some time. Not quite a year after his [GEJ’s] assumption of office, certain Eastern politicians and some members of ‘Ohaneze Ndi Igbo’ began saying that Easterners must rule in 2015.
GEJ’s rule has not been rosy, what with the Fuel Subsidy issue in 2012, the Boko Haram issues since he assumed office and the just called-off ASUU strike. Certain groups have called for his impeachment, certain individuals have criticized him vehemently, and certain people have written letters to him. Regardless of what he has or has not done, he is our president and I believe it is our duty as Nigerians to lend him our support and try to correct him when and where he goes wrong. Nigeria is not a nation well cut out for a revolution but we can begin the first subtle steps of evolution by doing things a little bit differently.

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of GEJ and I am of the opinion (which is still subject to change) that he should not run for a second term in office. Although I feel this way and a number of people that I have talked to feel this way too, the question then is ‘Who else?’ If not Jonathan, then who will lead us? Certainly there are some State Governors who have been very efficient and produced very laudable results in their states, who knows what they will do if they became President, not to mention that none of them have declared any interest in contesting for the office. There are also certain individuals who run during every election. All I can say to that is this; I will not vote someone who has never held any elected official post in an organization as my FACULTY PRESIDENT, much less the President of my country. I do believe in giving people a chance, but come on, 160+ million people is not a figure one can gamble with. If not them, then who is our candidate for 2015? The Easterners that are clamouring for right to rule (I am technically an Easterner, in case you are wondering) have not produced any candidate, and I have not seen/noticed any Eastern governor who I believe can lead Nigeria.

In summary, I would implore us youths that we should take a little more interest in leadership of this our great nation. As the singer Lagbaja said in his song, dem no go put leadership for ya hand, you got to take am yourself*. On that note, I would advise us to stop voting based on religion, tribe or sentiment and start voting based on Public Works we have seen or heard say about. Who is your candidate for 2015, and why? Join the discussion and drop your comments in the comment box or tweet at us @9JEducation on Twitter.

[_* Leadership will not be handed to you [youths], you have to take it for yourself]

Ezim Osai is a 200L Physics major at the University of Ibadan. A Taoist and a Christian, he loves Cooking, Travelling, Reading, Writing, and loves to absorb nature.


  1. This is a really interesting write-up, No to Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan or anybody like him in 2015.

  2. I agree with about youths standing up to fight for their future. And about Mr. President I think he has received enough support, We[Nigerians] were behind him that is why he was re-elected in 2011

  3. As for me,Goodluck Johnathan is our president and i think we should continue to pray for him. I believe it is our duty as Nigerians to lend him our support and try to correct him when and where he goes wrong ,this because he has passed through all stages of Governance .

  4. 2015 should be a better year. As long as graduates get employment and enterpreneurs are backed by banks & investors.