30 Sep 2013

August-September Cover

The First Issue


By Akinwale,
Monday, September 30, 2013
Music is a universal language that everybody can connect to. While we may not all necessarily share the same taste in music, it is safe to say that everybody loves music. You don’t have to necessarily understand the language of a song before you can appreciate the melodies.  The Nigerian music industry has come a long way from what it used to be having broken into the international community, with songs by Nigerian artistes appreciated by the foreign community. Talented musicians have been nominated and won international awards in recognition of their outstanding talent while top-notch musicians have held sold out concerts within and outside the country.


By KemmieOla. Monday, September 30 2013

Recently, there has been a nationwide uproar as a result of the legalization of child marriage in Nigeria. Reactions varied from shock to anger to outright wrath and had the people from all over the republic protesting, signing petitions and coming up with some quite creative slogans. We all know how that ended, everything has boiled over and people are calm now.

Now, while most people of the federation rejected the idea in every way possible with or without total knowledge of the Nigerian constitution or its many varied sections, some others felt the law wasn’t so bad and one of my colleagues on this here blog stated that appropriate research would show that the legalization of child marriage was religion based. I wouldn’t claim to be a political science major, but I believe there is something called the separation of church and state. The concept of this separation between the church and state basically says that religion shouldn’t affect how a state is governed. Therefore, the fact that a child is a muslim doesn’t mean marrying them is right.

20 Sep 2013

FYI: 2013 Batch 'C' Winding-up/Passing-out Programme of Activities

By Admin,
Friday,September 20, 2013

So its that time of the year again when serving corp members under the NYSC scheme prepare to bow out after a strenuous year of service to their fatherland! Below is the programme of events to wind up the 2012/2013 Batch "C" service year:


By KemmieOla,
Friday, September 20 2013

Hello #WTTR readers, how have you been? As a Nigerian student enrolled in a public University, it is no doubt that the ongoing strike action has availed me with enough spare time to think. The topic of discussion today on Walking the Tightrope is somewhat sensitive, but before I start, I’d like to know; how many of you really love science, anybody? Raise your hands please. I see hands, lots and lots of hands. We are safe then, let us proceed.
The topic of discussion today has to do with this thing called Chemistry. No, not the one you studied in school. The one that makes you drawn to some member of the opposite sex for reasons you can’t even explain.

18 Sep 2013


By Ezim Osai,
Wednesday, September 18 2013

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop
-My mommy


Today I want to write on a couple of things we can do with our free time during this “compulsory” holiday ASUU/FG has sent majority of us on. I know this article is a bit late but better late than never, right?
The first thing I advise and which I did myself is to learn a new language. There are a handful of government and privately owned language schools across the country and they do offer streamlined courses. If you cannot afford to enrol at a language school, there are resources on the internet you can use.  Personally, I am using MIT streamlined open freeware for Mandarin Chinese which is expected to run for around 4-8 months. It would be wise to learn international languages like Chinese, French, Latin, Spanish or even Dutch and German.

10 Sep 2013


By Poisefreak, 9jeducation
Tuesday, September 10 2013

A good number of undergraduates in Nigeria complete a good part of their University education without knowing what a C.V looks like. The vast majority, no doubt, have heard of the "document" and the functions it plays, but at the same time, a good number of students do not believe it "concerns" them "yet", and as such pay no attention to building one for themselves.

A C.V (Curriculum Vitae), as its popularly referred to in this part of the world is a document that basically covers the extent of a person's working experience as well as their personal information. This document is often used as a yardstick for recruitment, and as such, a lot of people put in a lot of effort to making certain that they have the "right" or "winning" C.V. Going by the above a good number of students that might read this would think, "why should I have a CV, I am not working yet" or "why should I prepare a CV?


By Poisefreak,
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The average Nigerian student is wrought with different challenges in the bid to get an education. Most of the times, these challenges are more financial than intellectual. There have been cases of students who were bright and passed through public school with flying colors, but could not afford to purchase Jamb forms. You find most times that the lady selling recharge cards at the junction, or the boy who is a conductor on a molue was forced to do what they do because they needed to make enough money to go back to school. Not every child is from a wealthy background, and so the education which some treat with so much levity is a prized possession worth fighting for to some.

6 Sep 2013


By KemmieOla,
Friday, September 6, 2013

“You’re too close to that girl.” “You won’t stop talking about your boss’ son” “You stare for too long when that guy walks by” “Why are you still friends with your ex?”
At one point or the other in our relationship(s), we have heard or spoken one or all of the sentences above, which led to either minor quarrels or great big arguments that did or didn’t lead to something worse. Jealousy can be a major cause of separation among even the most loving couples, and this is because as much as it can be endearing, it can also be frustrating and nerve racking for both partners.

4 Sep 2013


By Ezim Osai,
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Heal the world; make it a better place….for the entire human race
                                                                                              - Michael Jackson

This write up is basically about HIV/AIDS, Sex-education and STIs. HIV/AIDS is no doubt a ‘disease’ that almost all of us know about or have heard of. In one form of the other, a number of us have had what is referred to as ‘sex-education’ from our friends, colleagues, teachers, religious leaders or parents. Some of us however do not know so much about sex as a result of our seemingly ‘moral’ or ‘religious’ orientation.
Before I proceed, I would attempt to provide an acceptable definition sex-education. Wikipedia defines sex-education as “the instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual activity, reproductive health, emotional relations, reproductive rights and responsibilities, abstinence and birth control”.


By Poisefreak, 9jeducation
Wednesday, September 4 2013

In 1983 when the citizens of the republic of Ghana were asked to leave Nigeria en-masse as a result of the growing economic problems faced in the host country and the latter, no one could ever fathom that the Ghanaians and their country would ever become hosts and a “haven” of some sort to and for Nigerians almost 30 years later.
It is no news that in recent times, Ghana has become the destination for young Nigerians who have tried without success to attain higher education in Nigeria.