30 Jun 2013


By Poisefreak, 9JEducation
Tuesday, July 30 2013

Education, they say is the key to development. This has become the anthem of every individual that believes in the promise education of any form brings to a nation. In a country where the youth are seen as the future, it is safe to conclude that for growth and development to be experienced at a steady pace, education is a “must have” for the average youth. 

Entertainment is equally an important aspect of societal development (it should be). It develops society along the “not so serious” angle, and helps people adjust to the difficulties of their day to day lives. Entertainment in my opinion sort of brings sanity to the craziness that is Life, and in a country like Nigeria, entertainment, asides Religion, is one of the few things people seek to “escape” the “reality” that is survival in this country. 

19 Jun 2013


At 9JEducation, we believe that the development of education in Nigeria is one of the key factors in achieving sustainable development. Over the past few months we have tried to highlight the different constraints to educational development in this country that we love so much, through a series of blog posts on our Blog .

14 Jun 2013

12 Jun 2013


Majority of those who would read this have probably passed this stage, and know what i am about to talk about. After the "hustle" to cross the hurdle presented by JAMB and Post UME examinations set by institutions of higher learning, the struggle literally continues. For those who are lucky, you get shortlisted to study a course you love, for others, they get stuck with courses they ordinarily wouldn't be caught dead having an affiliation with... Nevertheless, do not despair. Do not be like the few who would think the hustle for higher education ends after you become a card carrying student of a school; aspire to be better than you were when you were admitted.

11 Jun 2013

UTME Video of the Day... Killing the Digital Lion

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) released the 2013 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results, and according to perception and general gloom, it was a bust, for the students anyway. The office said;

“The general performance of candidates in this year’s examination shows remarkable improvement compared with last year. Ten candidates scored 300 marks and above, while 127,017 candidates scored between 1-159 marks.”

Six years ago, when I wrote my JAMB exam and scored a nice round 235, my mother was livid and threatened to send me to become a mechanic’s apprentice. The standards were higher then. 200 was the benchmark, passing this was as normal as breathing, and the questions weren’t the easiest.


                                               Act like a woman, think like a man
                                                                        -Think Like A Man

Before we properly begin this article, let me state that I am in no way a feminist. In fact, I do not support beliefs that cause differences between things which one has no control over. And also, for the purpose of this article, the word ‘girl’ generally means any person of the female gender between ages 15 and 23 and thereabouts.
I was inspired to write this article by a lot of happenings around me of recent. I see so many girls and young ladies doing and saying things too bizarre for a mind like mine and so I decided to express my thoughts on the state of things in our Nigerian girls today.

I came across quite a number of girls with twisted thought and belief systems that if I didn’t know any better, I would have said all girls think that way.

5 Jun 2013

Of Tea and Sex.

Boys and girls of the school age, I welcome you to join me in a little talk over tea, oddly shaped biscuits and peppered dodo. This talk is one that has been had for centuries, so much so that it has begun to lose that old sacred air that used to hang around it. Or maybe it hasn’t, and maybe we all just grew up and watched the cobwebs melt off the face of sex
Aahh. Yes. Sex. The most profane act of them all. The dirtiest, most disgusting, most delicious,

4 Jun 2013

The GYIN Entreprenuership Programme... How to Start your Own Business

Global Youth Innovation Network in partnership with the Columbia Business School is set to launch iNvENtED, which is an entrepreneurship driven initiative geared towards the use of youth entrepreneurship as a tool to eradicate youth unemployment in Africa and beyond.

Nigerian Student Fashion Design Week this Month.. The History of Lagos Through the Arts..


Most Nigerians don’t read. This is sad. Books are perhaps the most fascinating and mind-bending inventions in history. They let you dream, and feel and witness wonders and emotional magic that will most likely change the way you think about life.