31 May 2013


Character is what you do when no one is looking
H. Jackson Brown 
 There's a popular saying that I love very much, it is "You are what you eat". When someone eats something, it doesn't always mean eating food for sustenance. For the purpose of this article, let us define eating as 'taking something in'.

In our society today, there are various foods to choose from; I want to talk about our entertainment meal. There are so many new acts like D'banj and Wizkid and Iyanya and Davido and Terry G and so many of them. These acts make music for us youths which we play sometimes daily, on our phones, in parties, on the road. But what do these musicians teach us, and what does their music say?

DSTV launches Children's Club... FG moves to tackle unemployment with UNEDEP

28 May 2013

An (Almost Complete) Guide To The Fantastic Digital Kingdom of Twitter

STAY IN THE NEWS: Whenever I spew a bit of news the moment it breaks, people around me are like “Where did you hear that?” and I’m like “Twitter, duh.” The mammoths of the journalism industry (@CNN, @AP) always break news on the spot with tweets. Unlike in the past (BT: Before Twitter), when people would hear whiffs of unconfirmed news and have to wait hours before the next newspaper was rolled out of the press or before the next news-reading occurred, news breaks instantly.

22 May 2013


                                                                                                         The best things in life are free           

If you have ever read the Christian bible or gone to Sunday school often, you must have come across the parable of the talents. In this parable, a master gives three of his servants 'talents' before he goes on a trip. The first servant gets a number of talents, the second got less and the last servant got just one. The first and second servants went out and sowed their talents and acquired more while the servant with one talent buried his in the ground so it did not get lost.

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15 May 2013

RE: Intel: Create Your Own Tomorrow

Intel, a leading Information Technology company recently hosted students of the University of Lagos to a mentoring  and entrepreneurship session to empower them in creating their future. The event was tagged 'Create Your Tomorrow' was organized with the sole purpose of advising and motivating the students and had as its guest speaker music sensation, Bankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W.

UNESCO, Rainbow, Set for World Book Capital...

14 May 2013

A Place Called Freedom

                                   We are all gifted and unique in our own different way
                                                                         Tu Face Idibia: See Me As Your Brother

When we are born, the majority of us are born to names; from one name to ten or however many our parents choose to give us or depending on the number of relatives we have. We are born to families we had no choice over and we are born to different origins and backgrounds. We are born with differences; from our siblings if we have any, from our friends, from our neighbors, from our school-mates, from our parents, from everybody; which is not to say we do not have our similarities per se, but that is not the focus of this article.

"We Are Not Deterred by Boko Haram- NYSC Lagos State Coordinator; UNIABUJA VC accuses lecturers of pursuing personal interest....

10 May 2013

Oyo State Governor tasks Educationist to be proactive, African Developers listed in Ericsson Awards, Exercise Books Now Weapons of Mass Destruction....


"Do not let mercy and truth forsake you, tie them around your neck; write them on the table of your heart: So shall you find favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man".
                      -The book of Proverbs: The Christian Bible

"Examinations are not a true test of intelligence". Throughout my life, I have heard that particular sentence from the mouths of several persons including myself. Before we proceed further, let us define what an examination is:
"Inspection: the process of looking at and considering something carefully with the idea of learning something" From Microsoft Encarta
That said, if one is supposed to 'learn' something from an examination, why then are our examinations the way they are and do they truly test our knowledge?

9 May 2013

Nigerian Child Education: are we Progressing or Retrogressing?

Kids run out of classroom

Primary Pupils News:
On the PMNews is a story discussing a UNESCO report that "one out of every five out-of-school children in the world is Nigerian"! This fact that the average Nigerian child is not given adequate access to education could perhaps be corroborated with a report by Thisday that Primary school teachers in Sokoto state are protesting 'Non payment of their three months salary'.

8 May 2013

"No hike in tuition fees"- Babcock VC, Making a case for Basic Education in Nigeria.

Babcock VC denies the hike in tuition fees, as Oyo state Governor boasts that the Oyo Technical University would be the best in Nigeria. . ESUT VC decries the politics that affect University rankings in Nigeria .

Fully Funded Scholarship Programs for Students in Nigeria

Most students desire to further their education outside the country, and in most cases, the funds are not available to pursue such a feat. There are a few scholarships sponsored by various bodies that provide complete funding for applicants who have been accepted into programmes in schools of their choice in the countries where these scholarships exist
. A few of them are as follows:

Government Funded Scholarships

7 May 2013

ICT, way forward to advance education in Nigeria.

PUNCH has remarks by OSUN deputy Governor that "Opon Imo" which are tablet computers adapted into textbooks for senior secondary school students in her state will be powered by solar energy, Opon Imo debuts at a time the Joint Admission and Matriculation board (JAMB) successfully piloted its first UTME computer based testing also known as CBT at the Chams City, also Ekiti state is partnering Procentric IQ in delivering electronic learning solutions to 100,000 students and 18,000 teachers in the state, foremost business mogul Mr Jim Ovia demonstrated philanthropy as he donated about 1,000 hi-speed internet enabled mobile devices and laptops to youths, strongly canvassing ICT penetration in both business and educational spheres in Nigeria. Meanwhile, a new mobile application to score melody and share it has been developed.

Visual Aids and Teaching

           “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.The great teacher inspires.”
                                                                 ― William Arthur Ward

Teaching is an essential part of the life of every human. Whether at home or at school, or on the streets, one can safely say every human being has been taught in one form or the other. The process of imparting knowledge is indeed a never ending one. As a child, knowledge is imparted to one from parents, and then trained teachers. As we evolve, we begin to impart knowledge in one way or the other in a bid to share what we know. The focal point of this write up however is the profession of teaching as it affects the growth of the Nigerian child/youth.

2 May 2013

Racing to Develop ICT Capacity in Nigeria.

In the news, GSM Operator Etisalat Nigeria partners with EDC of the Pan African University to develop E-learning Solutions to empower Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria according to a Thisday story just as Channels TV reports the launch of Nigeria's first online university by a young entrepreneur by the name Gossy Ukanwoke. Still on ICT development, Procentric IQ is to deliver e-learning solutions to about  100,000 primary and secondary school students in Ekiti state, Rep Dabiri-Erewa seeks more roles for girls in ICT development, all this from Thisday.

The Smartphone and Mobile Internet: Friend or Foe for the Nigerian Youth

       The calamity therein is not in never reaching the stars but in having no stars to reach
                                                                  -Martin Luther King Jr.

In recent years we have seen a quantum leap in the caliber, usage and functions of mobile phones and electronic devices. From around the time GSMs came to Nigeria in about 2003 or thereabouts, the usage of and demand for such devices has been very great. In 2003, we saw the "green light" phones, Nokia 3310 and the likes; from around 2004/2005, we saw the "fluorescent light" phones in the likes of Nokia 2100 and the Bird phones; at around 2006/2007, we saw the "color screen" and "camera" phones in the likes of Nokia 3500, Sony Ericsson K700s and 750s and the likes; and finally at around 2008/2009 the first smartphones were being used remotely in Nigeria in the likes of Blackberry Tour and Javelin and