20 Dec 2013


By KemmieOla,
Friday, December 20, 2013

Before I start, I'd like to say; monkey no fine but him mama like am. There, glad I got that out of the way; we can start now. Earlier today, I was discussing with my brother on female behavior in general and somehow, the issue came up that pretty girls are generally dumb. I disagreed of course and then we got to arguing about how behavior had nothing to do with looks. Eventually we settled, but I thought I should bring it on here.

While arguing, we got three points defined;- Pretty girls are usually dumb and prideful. - Intelligent girls are usually friendly, hard to fool and occasionally proud. - Intelligent girls who are pretty are a lot of work and VERY proud. - Ugly girls have no place in this world.
Yeah, I know I said three, I just had to add that last one. Please understand that when I say "proud", I do not mean it in the 'i-am-better-than-everybody-in-the-world' way. Its more in a 'i-got-it-so-i-am-going-to-make-you-work-for-it' way. I didn't want this issue like most others I write about to be directed at the guys alone, so I asked an older female friend of mine the question; would you prefer beauty over brains? She replied and I quote; "If he is not FINE, he is not coming near me." This reply was the same given to me by most females I asked. It is kind of sad that our generation is one that judges and decides on whether to accept or reject people based on their appearance rather than personality. But even I, being a self proclaimed sapiosexual, will admit that I would love it if a guy were both intelligent and good looking. Although, there is nothing wrong in being not fine, if you have a lovely personality. There's an adage - at least I think there is one - that says the more you get to know a person, the more beautiful they become in your eyes. Having experienced this, I'd say its true in every way.

I believe beauty, as well as "ugliness" is subjective.  For me, its advisible to get to know someone first, after that their looks become unimportant. The question still remains; would you choose beauty over brains? Do you agree that all pretty girls/guys are proud? In your experience, has it been hard trying to talk to/woo/befriend someone who is both good looking and intelligent? Are you sapiosexual enough to ignore the looks and focus on the mind? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section. 

Kemi is a 200L Mass Communication major at the University of Lagos. She is eccentric, an avid lover of music and poetry, and a cautious observer of Life.

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  1. This is a beautiful piece Kemmie! And very true too.

    I'd choose brains over beauty any day! Beauty won't put food on the table-not honourably at least.

    Not all pretty people are proud, some have realised their looks or figures were not their doing-excpet if they did surgery sha lol.

    I wouldn't know bout that tho... Iv never really had problems attracting intelligent and beautiful people as per king of dopeness na.

    Oversapiosexuality dey worry me mehn! Plus i no kuku over-fine sef so wth!