6 Dec 2013


By KemmieOla,
Friday December 6, 2013

I'll just go straight to the point on this one; no need for an introduction or whatsoever. Question; why do males hate the friendzone so much?

I mean, if we are being totally honest, the friendzone isn't such a bad place to be in.

Compared to every other zone in the history of zones, I'd say the friendzone is the very best. But the males have refused to realise this fact, and this is why they carry last suffer. Before the stones start flying, let me explain. There are certain priviledges being a friend will get you that being a significant other won't. Let's not waste any time, let's just have a PROs and CONs list;

PROS - Full Disclosure - There is something about being in a friendship with someone that makes them want to tell you everything. You'd be shocked how much more the close male friend knows compared to the boyfriend. While a girl will occasionally hide stuff from her boyfriend because she's trying to impress him, she won't have to pretend in front of you - which is very good since it gives you a real glimpse at her personality in case you have romantic feelings for her. You get all the same benefits as a boyfriend, except maybe sex. - I believe this is self explanatory. There is a high possibility of a romantic relationship between you two, which is great if that's why/how you got into the friendzone in the first place.

CONS - In the process of full disclosure while getting to know each other better, you may find out more than you can or want to handle. There might be a whole lot of ugly beneath her beautiful, she might be a he or she might have six zeroes in her body count account; the list just goes on. The level of familiarity will eventually become a burden if you are interested in being more than friends quick and she isn't in a rush. After waiting so long in the friendzone, finally being in a relationship might be boring because you have known each other too long; plus it could have been about just sex. I could go on with the merits and demerits, but then you guys will start to think I've been friendzoned a lot in life (I have). So share your thoughts on the matter; why do you hate the friendzone? What are your pros and cons of the friendzone? Do you think its the best zone or the absolute worst? We'd like to know your thoughts, please do not hesitate to use the comment area. Thank you!

Kemi is a 200L Mass Communication major at the University of Lagos. She is eccentric, an avid lover of music and poetry, and a cautious observer of Life.


  1. I like the friend zone. One doesn't have to keep up appearances, you can be real with her or in my case, she gives you the inside scoop on other girls ^_^ (plus you get the right to yab her )

  2. Lol... I don't like the friendzone... It sucks, especially when it is someone I like...

  3. CON:
    I buy the friend zone argument when you don't know she's the one. If you're the type that believes in the concept of heaven blessing you with 1 true love in life, then being stuck in the friend zone is hell. Imagine the emotions you go through listening to her chirp about just how much she misses the schmuck she's dating. That's the evil girls do, that boys don't understand.

    Get your heart broken a couple of times and the boy turns into an enlightened man. Being in the friend zone ain't that bad. Sure sex might be off limits at the beginning, but statistically if you hang around long enough the odds are in your favor that the friend zone will eventually come with benefits.

    As for the sucker weeping over his 1 true love, stop watching Disney movies.