29 Dec 2013


By Segun Sobulo & Akinwale Akinyoade,, 9JEducation
Sunday, December 29 2013

Lifeline 1: 50/50, A level playing field

In the first part of this series, we projected an average payout of 300k - 500k naira for a million views on YouTube after Google takes its 50% cut. Thus your target figure to become a millionaire simply off YouTube ad revenue is about 2 million views.

Fair play doesn't just extend to revenue split as well though, one of the advantages of YouTube is that they don't distinguish between major/professional video publishers and amateurs. E.g. lets assume you upload a video and Marvin Records uploads a video as well, if professional publishers got preferential treatment then a leading telephone network company like MTN could pay Google to display their ads only on channels of major music studios such as Marvin records. However since Google gives everyone an equal opportunity, so long as your videos are being viewed those same MTN ads will get displayed on your channel as well.

Consider the challenge if you had to walk up to MTN on your own and convince them to sponsor your video? Would you even know which of their branches/offices to visit and whom to approach there? With YouTube this isn't a concern, you can simply focus on creating interesting content that will attract viewers on your channel. Google will provide you with the sponsors for your program.

Lifeline 2: Ask the audience
Now that you realize that your videos can actually earn you money if you upload them for the world to see, it is now totally up to you to decided how much you going to be earning since it all depends on the number of views and clicks your video has. Here are some simple tips on helping you get views for your videos:
  • Upload content regularly
  • Build up a fan base
  • Give the right and appropriate captions for your videos
  • Try to be creative and different in your approach
  • Get the support of loved ones and friends
  • Share your videos on every available platform possible, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc
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If you’re not getting views on your videos regularly then you need to be honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable, i.e. don’t blame the audience. Is the problem that your content isn’t simply interesting? Are you increasing your odds by uploading videos regularly? Most importantly what are you doing to get the word out about your videos, after all youtube has its fair share of boring videos with significant view counts.

Lifeline 3: Call a friend

Again start small. Before you attempt to get a million strangers to view your videos, can you even get your family and friends to view and comment on your videos on a regular basis? Are you sending links to your youtube clips to them via whatsapp, bbm, twitter, facebook, sms, etc?

Family and friends know who you are. The messages you send them will not be considered as spam thus they are more likely to watch your videos. If they like them, you should encourage them to share your links. Grow your audience base to a few hundred people before you aim for a thousand, a few thousand views before you aim for tens of thousands, etc. Hopefully you get the idea.

In the next part of this article, we take a look at some of the youtube millionaires that are Nigerians.

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Segun Sobulo is an analyst developer at Fertile-Tech Business Systems. When he's not busy writing applications to run on Google's cloud computing platform (App Engine), he finds the time to express his passion for youth development by contributing to the 9JEducation blog.

Akinwale Akinyoade is a National Diploma holder in Mass Communication from Yaba College of Technology. He currently majors in English at the University of Lagos. You can follow him on Twitter @gidigenius

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