30 Dec 2013


By Segun Sobulo & Akinwale Akinyoade,, 9JEducation
Monday, December 30 2013

Perhaps the cheapest way to get hits is to make a fool of yourself online, everybody loves a good laugh. Tre Melvin’s ThisIsACommentary with over 130 million views is a good channel to watch for an example of youtube foolishness. Outside of the graphic intros to the videos, the average Nigerian teenager should be able to turn on a camera and upload similar content to youtube. The question is, how many see value in trying?

Below are examples of Nigerians that have been successful at getting millions of view on youtube by being funny:

Funny/Comical Videos 
  • T Boy - He runs the Don’t Jealous Me Videos and has about 107,794 subscribers and  31,371,883 views
  • Naija Boyz - They run the African Remix channel making remixes of popular music videos and have 37,298 subscribers and 25,104,007 views
  • LaughorYawn - They have 2,771 subscribers and 951,219 views
A video of Nigerian kids dancing that has raked in almost 3 million views. The channel that uploaded the video, globaldjnetwork, has about 5.5 million views in total. These kids have contributed to more than half the views of the channels, yet its unlikely they’ll receive any of the earnings if the channel is monetized. Point being, if you don’t see youtube as a business opportunity, someone else just might cash in on your earning potential online. Professional acts like BasketMouth are learning not to ignore their presence online as well. He opened a channel recently, September 2013, and currently has 520,000 views.

Top 10 Trending Music Videos of 2013
Thanks to YouTube Rewind, we can now crown Nigerian YouTube kings and queens for 2013 with the number of hits that their music videos had making them the top trending videos. Its not just about the views but also number of shares, likes, responses and many more.

  • Ada Ada by Flavour  came in first place with 2,373,567 views  
  • KCEE’s Pull Over ranked second with 749,524 views 
  • Sensational music twin brothers P Square’s Personally Video was placed third with 10,212,074 views.
  • Emi ni baller by Chidinma Ft. Tha Suspect & IllBliss closed the list at 10th place with 223,388 views. 

Wizkid appears in most of these videos perhaps making him the artiste with the most popular online presence in Nigeria. We can also have some fun and use YouTube views to settle battle of supremacy between artistes that are constantly compared against each other by the media.
  • Wizkid vs Olamide: Wizkid’s channel has just videos with 1,969,849 views  while Olamide’s has more videos and with an accumulated 3,053,978 views. Most of Wizkid’s videos are uploaded by Banky W’s channel which serves as E.M.E’s official YouTube channel. 
  • D’Banj vs 2 Face: D Banj has a total view count of 23,733,865 while 2 Face lags behind having 11,036,143 views
  • Rihanna Vs Beyonce: Rihanna has a whooping 4,484,770,851 views with Beyonce trailing behind at 2,191,232,798 views.

While it is interesting to note that D Banj and Rihanna win in the online popularity, it goes without saying it’s not the only metric for judging artists.For example 2 Face outshines D’banj in Forbes List of 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in Africa coming in 34th place with D Banj closely at his heels in 37th place. Beyonce’s net worth of US$ 350 million supercedes Rihanna’s US$ 90 million. Also here’s a writeup that pits WizKid against Olamide.

So there you have it, if you’re a great dancer/singer or happen to know one, you should be getting those videos uploaded online. If your lecturer belongs in jail because he won’t give you the grade you earned until you have paid a bribe, well go ahead and get him fired by putting a video on YouTube (then get paid by Google for generating enough hits similar to oga-at-the-top) or better yet get your hands on the actual video of Farouk Lawan taking a bribe (You don’t have to wait for a cheque from Google, I’m sure APC will pay you for bringing the ruling party down a notch). Lastly if you don’t have greatness in you and you don’t have the stomach to go after bad guys, then you can always put on your stupid cape and earn money for getting a million people to laugh online.

None of the above works for you? Well then follow @9jeducation twitter. We can’t give  you a million bucks (if we had 7 figures to spend, we’d rather invest in a program that’d benefit numerous students) but we’ll do the occasional android give away for our followers so do tweet at us. In our own little way we find ways to reward students that continue to strive for a better education for themselves as well as their peers. More importantly though, if this article can inspire one student to become the next YouTube king/queen then it’s been worth the effort put into it.

Lights, camera, action, young Nigerians. Get to work!

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Segun Sobulo is an analyst developer at Fertile-Tech Business Systems. When he's not busy writing applications to run on Google's cloud computing platform (App Engine), he finds the time to express his passion for youth development by contributing to the 9JEducation blog.

Akinwale Akinyoade is a National Diploma holder in Mass Communication from Yaba College of Technology. He currently majors in English at the University of Lagos. You can follow him on Twitter @gidigenius

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