28 Dec 2013


By Odeyemi Olakunle,
Saturday, December 28, 2013

It’s amazing how the most beautiful things happen in ways we least expect, being a student of the Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, is one of the most beautiful things that has happened to me in recent time, so I want to use this opportunity to tender my unreserved appreciation to everybody and ”everything” that made it possible for me to be a student of such a great citadel of learning to acquire knowledge, to achieve success and also be a part of elite that made history.
Going back in time, as far as 2009 when I was first introduced to the college by my Dad (I just found out that I wouldn’t be returning back to University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, for my second year of the two year degree programme [Foundation Science Programme] I was running because, I was unable to secure a credit pass in Chemistry at ‘O’ level), I  rejected every possibility of ever been a student of the College. I just couldn’t  imagine how bad I had sinned that my Dad would have wanted me to live life on a campus that was massively unknown, possesses a name that is as long as a verse from the Bible, has no form of social life (although, I later found out that it’s not that bad), and it is also situated at a location (MOOR PLANTATION) that sounds like a sugar cane plantation from the slave trade era.

 Four years later, on that very same plantation, I have spent almost one year of my life living, surviving, learning, and achieving. On the land of Moor (a popular slang among Moorites), I have learnt more, I have gained more, I have experienced more, and I have achieved more. I have met the very best life on campus could offer in terms of teachers and scholars alike, who have had great impact on me academically and socially. Talk about lecturers  who are ever ready to give their best in impacting knowledge to their students simply because they are teachers by nature, or a college administration that dedicates more than half of her resources to practical learning and field experience (with a bonus of vocational training), the college has it all. For the record, when it comes down to the part of making history, It will always remain on record that I and the rest of my present departmental mates made history together as the pioneer students (2012/2013 session students) of computer science department, Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Moor plantation, Ibadan. To the glory of the almighty God, after a complete session, we are still going strong though we suffered very mild loss as result of withdrawn students which is an unavoidable phenomenon in any learning institution. It will also be on record that I was also able to achieve some personal feats, to which I attribute my success to the almighty God and lecturers in my department who did not just lecture but also made it a point of duty to bond with their students academically, socially, and morally.

As a requirement for award of OND certificate in Computer Science and Technology, we are expected to participate in the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) which is a means of acquiring on-field experience as it relates to our discipline. As at the time we were to start our internship, ASUU was already one month into their strike action which meant that students would have to wait anticipatingly for when school would be reopened for academic activities, but we were graciously spared of such time wasting process as we already had the SIWES to deal with.
And this brings me to Fertile Tech Business Systems (FTBS)’s 9jeducation; the organization with which I run my  internship. 9jeducation.org is an online initiative of FTBS, that as given me a chance to explore the world of computers as related to my course of study by providing me witn an on-field experience of the workings of a computer and the internet. For me, 2013 has been a very wonderful experience regardless of hassles embedded in it, I look forward to a more work friendly 2014.
All of this might have not happened, if I wasn’t a student of a college. Thank you Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Moor Plantation, Ibadan. Thank you Computer Science Department, FCAHPTIB. Thank  you Fertile Tech Business Systems.  Thank you 9jeducation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance.

Olakunle was a participant of the 9jeducation workstudy program (SIWES Edition) that ended in December 2013

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