1 Oct 2013

Monster Feeding 101
A Short Scare

[Editor's note: a bit dark and graphic for some of our tastes, but it's halloween (ok we're a day late) and the author felt the need to feed someone to an animal. FYI Dare claims it's still halloween by NYC eastern time]

Every year there’s a Halloween party in Lagos.
You might think, isn’t it the Lagos in Nigeria? Where no one celebrates any holidays unless they involve generous bloodshed and week-long parties?
Well, you’re wrong. Every year there is a Halloween party in Lagos.
This little party holds in a little cream house, five right turns off the Ajah Expressway, and it involves some really strange people who hardly bother with costumes because the night masks their true faces in shadow.
There’s a man with cold skin black as coal whose eyes dance with flame whenever he runs his hands down the curves of a sexy devil, swinging plastic tail and all. There’s the angel sheathed in white silk, her mouth dark with blood-red lipstick, as she dances and puts onlookers into a feverish trance before she kisses them limp. There are tree spirits and somber ghosts, cursed men and magic women. There are na├»ve humans who know nothing about the things with which they brush shoulders, the very things that have brought them here with golden charisma and white lies.
There is silent sacrifice and cold war. Spilled blood and raised hackles.
Then there’s Ada, standing in the dark corner - a ghastly ghost with sunken eyeshadow eyes, dank stringy hair and a bloodstained chemise.
“Why did we come to this thing again? Everyone is weirdly intense, Someone just offered to “Touch my soul”. She is talking to Mayowa - 16, young, honey-skinned, Wonder Woman – who is sucking on her fruity red punch with anxious gusto.
“That’s nice. I think we should leave, need to get home before 10. My mums will freak if I get home too late.”
“That came out too easily, are you that bored?”
“Yeah”, Mayowa’s voice is toneless and slurred. “Everything is alright, I just want to leave.”
“Let’s say goodbye to Saeed and le- ok, that man is really hot.” Ada’s jaw snaps open at something over Mayowa’s shoulder. Mayowa turns and the man – strong jaw, sturdy shoulders, stubble – kisses her. She feels it slide down her throat before she can breathe, a tiny pill.
Her legs fall out from beneath her and her backbone loosens dangerously. She falls against his taut body and he lifts her in his arms, parting the monster crowd to lay her on a table. Ada comes into her fading vision.
“Your soul will seal our sacrifice. Thank you.”
Tears run from Mayowa’s eyes. Ada lifts a knife and it glints like demon teeth.
“Wake up!” she screams.
“Wake up!”
“Wake up!”
The knife swings in a steel arc and

Ada wakes up with a gasp, she’s sitting in cold leather. Mayowa is driving them home after the Ajah party, her golden cuffs catch the streetlights and she’s on the phone (“I go do am now, just wait small nah Oga.”). She looks over and smiles, showing sharp white teeth,
“You must be thirsty, drink.” She hands over an ice-cold Coca Cola. Ada drinks deep and feels the sweet cold collect in her belly. Then her body goes to sleep faster than her brain can comprehend and she slumps in her seat. 

She feels Mayowa turn into a side road bursting with wild forest. A door opens. She falls out into wet undergrowth. The car drives away, revving as it vanishes with red eyes into the night. Silence rings like bells in her ears as she lies still in the moist soil, splayed out like a cartoon.
There is a hot growling sound, acid saliva slobbers at her cheek and heavy teeth crush her neck,
Darkness falls like a cloud.

By Dare Segun Falowo (@thepalefire)

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