20 Sep 2013


By KemmieOla,
Friday, September 20 2013

Hello #WTTR readers, how have you been? As a Nigerian student enrolled in a public University, it is no doubt that the ongoing strike action has availed me with enough spare time to think. The topic of discussion today on Walking the Tightrope is somewhat sensitive, but before I start, I’d like to know; how many of you really love science, anybody? Raise your hands please. I see hands, lots and lots of hands. We are safe then, let us proceed.
The topic of discussion today has to do with this thing called Chemistry. No, not the one you studied in school. The one that makes you drawn to some member of the opposite sex for reasons you can’t even explain.
It’s not like (s)he’s that hot or anything, you’re just so drawn to him/her; like moth to a light, like ants to sugar, like bad English to a certain first lady; the list goes on and on. It helps that this person is also drawn to you too.
Chemistry between two people is great and is always welcome, unless of course it’s bad chemistry. When chemistry between two people in a relationship is bad or mellow, you do not need a scientific genius to tell you that said relationship isn’t going anywhere fast. This is because the chemistry is that special ‘oomph’ that will always keep you intrigued by/interested in that person.
Now don’t get me wrong, love is more important than any other thing,  and while the presence of good chemistry; sexual or otherwise does not guarantee a couple’s being in love, love will however grow when the chemistry is as hot or even hotter than the love. It is advisable to check first if the chemistry is there before anything else, because a lack of chemistry will mean a boring relationship. Trust me, if the chemical spark is dead between you two, their jokes will seem dry, they will bore you to death and you will at a point start to loath their presence around you.
I could go on and on with the pros and cons of having or not having good chemistry in a relationship, but I’d rather hear your thoughts on the issue. What do you think about the idea of chemistry in a relationship; either good or bad? Can you be in a relationship with someone you have no chemistry with if you’re interested in them? Are you willing to wait work towards finding the chemistry between you and your partner if there’s none, or are you unable to stand lack of chemistry in any form with your partner?
Do not hesitate to use the comment box to share your thoughts. Thank you.

Kemi is a 200L Mass Communication major at the University of Lagos. She is eccentric, an avid lover of music and poetry, and a cautious observer of Life.

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