4 Sep 2013


By Poisefreak, 9jeducation
Wednesday, September 4 2013

In 1983 when the citizens of the republic of Ghana were asked to leave Nigeria en-masse as a result of the growing economic problems faced in the host country and the latter, no one could ever fathom that the Ghanaians and their country would ever become hosts and a “haven” of some sort to and for Nigerians almost 30 years later.
It is no news that in recent times, Ghana has become the destination for young Nigerians who have tried without success to attain higher education in Nigeria.
Asides from the fact that most prospective students are denied admission into Nigerian Universities for reasons ranging from outright rejection of some students who apply to these schools based on flimsy reasons, to the politics and corruption that most times typifies the admission process in the country, Nigerians find education in Ghana a more viable option considering the state of education in Nigeria today.
The ongoing ASUU/FG debacle is a very good example as to why Nigerian parents would rather opt to pay tuition in schools in the neighboring country rather than sacrifice the future of their wards on the altar of a failed educational system. The failure of the FG to accede to the needs of ASUU over the years remains a thorn in the flesh of the educational system in Nigeria today; a good number of Nigerian students over time have been casualties of the strike actions embarked on by ASUU, as a result of the effect of the disruption of academic activities on their overall tertiary education. As aptly put in the age old proverb, when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers; the students stand to lose the most whenever academic activities grind to a halt during strike actions.
A while ago, it was reported in a number of national dailies that Nigerian students make up for more than 60% of the students studying at the Accra Institute of Technology, Ghana; in addition it was revealed that over 200,000 Nigerian students in Ghanaian Universities spend a whopping 100 billion naira annually as tuition outside sundry fees. This is a huge amount to be spending annually if you ask me, especially on education in a country we so historically sent packing (remember Ghana must go bags), (no offense to the people of Ghana). Considering the fact that the reason for the expulsion of the Ghanaians from Nigerian soil was to “improve” the economy, is it not a huge shame that the tables have turned in such a manner? Thirty years on, it is glaring that not so much has changed in the educational sector in this country, thus driving Nigerians to seek academic excellence elsewhere.
If the government of Nigeria cannot take responsibility for the development of education in Nigeria, we would ultimately witness an increase in the capital flight that is the resultant effect of Nigerians seeking quality education in Ghana and elsewhere. There would be little reliance on educational facilities in the country, and as a result, the standard of education would be worse than it has ever been. Emphasis should be placed on saving the educational system in Nigeria from total destruction. Attention should be paid to the needs of not just lecturers, but teachers and public servants who serve as instructors in educational facilities. I strongly believe that education in Nigeria could be developed enough to meet international standards if only more effort is put into maintaining a stable environment for research and academic development. The Ghanaians are not “better” than Us…. 

Poisefreak has a passion for educational development in Nigeria. An avid reader, closet political analyst and daytime writer, she hopes to change the face of education in Nigeria one blog at a time.


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