30 Sep 2013


By KemmieOla. Monday, September 30 2013

Recently, there has been a nationwide uproar as a result of the legalization of child marriage in Nigeria. Reactions varied from shock to anger to outright wrath and had the people from all over the republic protesting, signing petitions and coming up with some quite creative slogans. We all know how that ended, everything has boiled over and people are calm now.

Now, while most people of the federation rejected the idea in every way possible with or without total knowledge of the Nigerian constitution or its many varied sections, some others felt the law wasn’t so bad and one of my colleagues on this here blog stated that appropriate research would show that the legalization of child marriage was religion based. I wouldn’t claim to be a political science major, but I believe there is something called the separation of church and state. The concept of this separation between the church and state basically says that religion shouldn’t affect how a state is governed. Therefore, the fact that a child is a muslim doesn’t mean marrying them is right.
There is also the educational factor; children deserve the right to at least have an education before getting married. Where is the sense in marrying/marrying off a child that has just finished primary/grade school? Besides that, being married is a full time job, because being married means taking care of a whole family. A child who isn’t old enough to work or vote in actuality shouldn’t be old enough for marriage.

The humanity factor should also come to play in this. Marrying a child off at such a young age is nothing other than child abuse and parents who support this should be punished. Child abuse can take various forms and the government is supposed to be saving children from this not support it or further the movement.

ABUJA- SENATOR Ahmad Rufai Sani, ANPP, Zamfara West Wednesday said that under the Islamic law, a girl was considered ripe for marriage based on her physical and mental maturity and not necessarily age. According to him, the 1999 Constitution does not in any way provide for any specific age when a girl could be married, but was quick to add that the same constitution stipulates that any girl aspiring to be married must attain a full age or the age of puberty.

A 12 year old can’t be said to have attained puberty or be of full age. So I say on the issue of #ChildNotBride, we should actually Research then RANT as opposed to what my colleague stated in his article title.

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