30 Aug 2013


By KemmieOla,
Friday, August 30 2013

This week's topic is about spicing up relationships and will require a bit of open mindedness. A while ago, I was discussing boring relationships with a friend and he seemed to think that females are the reasons for boredom in a relationship. I disagreed immediately of course, not because I am female, but because boredom could come as a result of many things and is usually caused by both partners.
Boredom is an inevitable occurrence in a relationship, especially one that has been on for a while. After sometime, the relationship will settle into a routine that may put both partners in a rut.
Your partner will eventually start to crave the fun and excitement that was there at the beginning of the relationship and can interpret his or her boredom as the absence of feelings for you or a reason to work harder at making the relationship work.
In trying to make a relationship work, some people go to extreme lengths. Some go overboard in the romance section, some become more actively invested in the relationship, some spice up their sex life, and the list goes on and on. I recently asked one of my female friends what lengths she would go to make her relationship work, and she said she’d go as far as a threesome if that’s what he wants. Needless to say, I was intrigued the moment I heard this and so I decided to ask a few more people what they thought of this. Read their answers below and let me know what you think in the comment section.
Girl 1: “He can’t say that. If things are so bad that he’s craving sex with two people, we might as well break up and be done with it now. It’s also very disgusting to be honest, me, him and another girl. No!”
Girl 2: “I won’t do it, not because I don’t love him, but because it is disrespectful of him to say I’m not satisfying him enough. It also goes against both my moral and spiritual beliefs.”
Girl 3: “I would consider it if I loved him enough. I don’t really like the idea, but I would do anything to make my relationship work, and it would be something I’d do just to make him happy. If that doesn’t work, nothing will.”
Guy 1: “NO! Normal sex is weird enough, and the thought is revolting. Threesomes don’t solve relationship issues, they only satisfy lust.”
Guy 2: “YES!!! A threesome is every man’s dream, and if your girlfriend grants you that, it’s ultimate love.”

These replies were the most normal replies I could get and they made me laugh loud and long. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section. Thank you.

Kemi is a 200L Mass Communication major at the University of Lagos. She is eccentric, an avid lover of music and poetry, and a cautious observer of Life.


  1. For me, I will say it depend on both partners on what they decides is the best.

  2. I quite agree with you tomi.... It does depend on both partners....