21 Aug 2013


By Sinmisola Araoye,
Wednesday, August 21 2013

One of the beauties of the MOOC era is the variety of the courses and platforms available for learning. As I am really interested in learning, I find myself signing up for classes on different platforms depending on the subject matter being covered. However I find that one impediment to my learning has been pedagogy.

If you had asked me a few months back for the meaning of pedagogy, I would have had that moment when I was trying to impress you without admitting that I was actually clueless. Here we are though and pedagogy is now something that I reflect on.
The different platforms from Coursera to UDacity, EdX, and Canvas Network have their different approaches to teaching. Their pedagogy is a reflection of their belief of how students learn best.

Now is the time for me to admit that although I am a MOOC fan, I have only been able to complete two classes in the eight months or so since I became entrenched in this movement. I have signed up for countless classes. Ultimately though, I find that I don’t complete the classes. This is simply because I find that I can’t tuck into the courses if their teaching style does not match my learning style.

Pedagogy for MOOC is also reflected in the way the platform is designed. The best designed MOOC platform in my opinion has to be Coursera. I find it infinitely easier to use. The most chaotic for me has been Canvas Network because I don’t understand how their links connect back to each other. Learning the platform becomes a distraction that impedes my learning in general. The funny thing about this is that many people would have a different opinion of the platforms than I do. This is one of the beauties of the MOOC era.

Sinmi is a writer who is obsessed with learning. She is immersed in all things MOOC. When she is not lusting after knowledge, she is sampling the food in Boston.

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