30 Aug 2013


By KemmieOla,
Friday, August 30 2013

This week's topic is about spicing up relationships and will require a bit of open mindedness. A while ago, I was discussing boring relationships with a friend and he seemed to think that females are the reasons for boredom in a relationship. I disagreed immediately of course, not because I am female, but because boredom could come as a result of many things and is usually caused by both partners.
Boredom is an inevitable occurrence in a relationship, especially one that has been on for a while. After sometime, the relationship will settle into a routine that may put both partners in a rut.

21 Aug 2013


By Sinmisola Araoye,
Wednesday, August 21 2013

One of the beauties of the MOOC era is the variety of the courses and platforms available for learning. As I am really interested in learning, I find myself signing up for classes on different platforms depending on the subject matter being covered. However I find that one impediment to my learning has been pedagogy.

If you had asked me a few months back for the meaning of pedagogy, I would have had that moment when I was trying to impress you without admitting that I was actually clueless. Here we are though and pedagogy is now something that I reflect on.

20 Aug 2013


By Ezim Osai,
Tuesday, August 13 2013

In Nigeria today, the phenomenon of inferiority complex amongst the average youth is seemingly high. The desire to be accepted by the "Cool Kids", or to be a member of the team has driven a number of individuals to their jeopardy. Around me, I see youths who are put through hell just to prove their commitment to causes that are sometimes very petty and trifling.

As a student in secondary school, tales of ‘bamming’ in cults were peddled by students, and  we always took them for what they were,  “Tales”. That, of course, was until one of our classmates went ahead to become a member of one of these cults. From what I have heard, it is said that during the ‘bamming’, or initiation process if you may, the initiates are tied to trees and then flogged with the flat side of machetes or whipped with ‘kobokos’ and through this ordeal, must shout only the name of the cult. If the initiate survives this process, he is given a rank (sort of like a social status) in the cult and a weapon (In some cults).

16 Aug 2013


By Ezim Osai,
Friday, August 16 2013
Be Smart, Be Yourself 
- Tecno

Artence is a concatenation of the words “art” and “science” which is what this article talks about. My definition of the word “artence” is simply anything artistic which science and technology makes easier.

In recent times, the need for more and more technological advances keeps arising and with these needs comes the need to beautify and make the classic stuff easier and more interesting. For instance, if you wanted to write a book in Shakespeare’s time you would have to write the manuscript longhand. A book the people back then might spend two or three years writing and editing, would probably be finished in three months today.

Artence in this article talks of some of the instances in which science (technology really) helps to make literary appreciation easier in our modern age, shedding new light and giving insight into some things we already know.

14 Aug 2013


By KemmieOla,
Wednesday, August 14 2013

In most relationships today, the issue of personal space is one that has led to more than a few quarrels among both lovers and friends. At some point or the other, couples break up because one person felt stifled by the other. Often times, we are too in love and too involved to see that that person needs to stop being around you all the time, he/she needs to relax, think and act without you there.
Needless to say, for some people personal space is more important than the whole relationship. The idea that someone would just cling to them and never let go is somewhat suffocating for them. I was discussing the issue with one of my friends and she stated that personal space is needed because it spices up the relationship in some ways.