23 Jul 2013


By Ezim Osai, 9JEducation
Tuesday, July 23 2013

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy
- General saying
Over the course of the months, we have been talking about education, inspiration, change and all sorts, but we (writers) have forgotten one of the most important instruments of education: recreation. 
 After the tedious lecture or classroom hours, we should all have time to blow some steam and cool off and we all do this in different ways. This article tells us a few ways we can have fun on and around campus without having to pay too much money.
I sampled opinions from members of my faculty over a few days and I have integrated the answers in order of popularity to my own list.

Number ONE on my list is THE THEATER

All schools that have a Theater Arts Department must have a theater for the Thespians to perform in and these performances are usually breathtaking. I saw my first play, Femi Osofisan’s Women of Owu  back in 2012 and the love I developed for the theatre after watching that play was unrealistic. I call the theater the place where dreams come to life because after reading a play which some of us had read for WAEC and found quite boring, the rendition of it made the play larger than life. The emotions, dances, lights and costumes and sets were all so wonderful, one can’t but marvel at the creativity that went into it. The theater is my number one recommendation when it comes to relaxation; most plays (in my school at least) are free or cost a token of N200 which is quite affordable but the only downside to the theater is that plays are not shown every day and some plays can be quite boring, but nevertheless, visit a theater and you will be glad you did.


Musical concerts are very good ways to have fun from my point of view. You can stand or sit in the crowd and get lost in the world of drums and guitars and synthetic instruments; or if you prefer live bands as I do, you could sit somewhere with your choice of drinks, a plate of suya and a friend or two for idle chit chat. You can imagine you are in a movie as James Bond or Tony Stark or some other hero and let the music seep into you and take you to the world of wonder. Live bands and musical concerts are very good ways to let off steam but I do have to say, you would have to spend a bit of money.


Although walking is number three on my list, it is actually the most ready choice of recreation as there is no shortage of walkable areas within a city. Taking a walk after a particularly stressful day, listening to music on your headphones and taking in the scenery is a very relaxing exercise not to mention that you lose a few calories in the process. So, walking is not only relaxing but healthy as well and to add icing to the cake, absolutely free.


Everyone loves a good meal but Ezim Osai loves it more ha-ha. Cooking is a very nice way of relaxing if you do know how to cook that is. Cooking for yourself and not for hounding roommates, siblings or parents but just a young person in the kitchen trying out new things is quite interesting. Cooking may or may not be free really; for instance, if you are in the hostel you may have to put out some cash to buy some foodstuffs you may not have but if you are in your home, of course you should be able to cook what you please with permission from your parents or guardian.
There are online recipes one could find on google or one could call a friend and ask how to prepare a particular dish or just let the imagination run wild. I wrote a short story on how to prepare egusi soup but unfortunately it is not online yet, but I believe there are resources that do teach how to make traditional dishes.
Cooking, and eating are great forms of relaxation. Man must wack after all.


Watching movies is a great way to relax and I’m positive everyone can relate to. One could chill in their room and put on a movie on their phone, laptop, DVD or just tune in to a TV station and have one or two hours of uninterrupted fun (if PHCN allows). And if we do not like to do that, we could go to the common room of our hostels or go to the cinema and pass the time with a bowl of popcorn and a friend. The movies are a lovely source of recreation and fun and I believe everyone can appreciate that.

And so, that is it from my personal list. Now, I will list out public opinion in order of popularity.

I asked the question “What do you do for fun [or recreation] that you don’t pay for or you pay very little”

Number one on the public list of answers is FOOTBALL AND SPORTING ACTIVITIES

More than half of the people sampled listed football as one of the things they did for fun. Some said they played and almost all said they watched on TV. One could easily find a football pitch in a school environment to play a game with friends or watch a match-up.  A lady could also cheer her friends or those that play can join in the game to make it more interesting. Personally, I am not a fan of football, but I do appreciate a game once in a while.

Number two on the public list of answers from both genders was VIDEO GAMES

Video games are a very fun way to relax that even I find exhilarating. One could sit down with a Play Station or an Xbox or a PC or even a mobile phone and game all day and the choice of games is quite expansive and wide that boredom is almost impossible. If you do not know what games to play, here’s a suggestion of games;
  1. Age of Empires (PC, Play Station, Mobile)
  2. Call of Duty (PC, Play Station, Xbox)
  3. Far Cry (Play Station, Xbox)
  4. Need for Speed (PC, Play Station, Xbox, Mobile)
  5. The Godfather (PC, Play Station)
  6. Halo (PC, Xbox)
  7. FIFA (PC, Play Station, Xbox, Mobile)
  8. Pro Evolution Soccer (PC, Play Station, Xbox, Mobile)
  9. God of War (PC, Play Station, Mobile)
  10. Temple Run (Mobile)


As we all know, it is very interesting to hang out with our peers and colleagues. It may be after classes or in our dorm rooms or just at a particular hotspot but the conversation and gossip is almost always quite juicy. I do not think I need to expatiate much on this point as it is something we can all relate to and something I believe most of us do already.


Some of you may be wondering how possible it is that partying is number four on the list but I study under the Faculty of Science and that should put an end to those wonders.
Partying is a very good source of recreation and fun that I believe most of us can relate to. It may be a room party, a floor party or a party at a club. Just grab a drink, get into your dancing shoes and let loose. Not only does partying provide an avenue for one to dance without getting embarrassed, it also burns calories ;) And so, party when you can, burn those calories and relieve your stress!

Other answers on the public list are mostly alone or with just two or three persons identifying with them. such as; Going for seminars, inaugural lectures and public speeches; swimming; singing; shopping and so many other things too random to mention.
I do hope you gained something and were entertained by this article. However, we must remember that there is a time for everything and not play when it is time to work.  

Ezim Osai is a 200L Physics major at the University of Ibadan. A Taoist and a Christian, he loves Cooking, Travelling, Reading, Writing, and loves to absorb nature.

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  1. Cooking is an emotional therapy for me, I cook when I am depressed. lol!