19 Jul 2013


The hunt for good phones at affordable prices is a tough one. After spending a day on the ground in Asaba, going from shop to shop, I found out that the phone-sellers knew even less about phones than me. And so, I picked up the phone and called my brother, Toni, who pointed out LG as a reasonable choice.

After scouring the web for hours, I finally found a phone that could fit my needs and budget. I found, the LG Optimus L5 II Dual.

The L5 II is an Android device supporting Jelly-Bean Operating System and an understandable
1Ghz single core processor with 512Mb of RAM. From what I know about gadgets, this is not so ‘awesome’ but it is quite fast as my current phone is on a 768Mb and 1.2Ghz processor and responds reasonably well for a BlackBerry.

The L5 II has an average User Interface of 16M colors (the usual), 4 inch screen (small but understandable), Bluetooth 3.0 (better than most devices), 233ppi Touchscreen (not bad really), and dual SIM support. It has an internal memory of 4Gb which is expandable with a memory card up to 32Gb and is quite light, weighing only 100g (which in all honesty is a turn-off for me). It supports GSM, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA and Wifi, with a standby time of up to 10days. 

The L5 II has its’ flaws and is generally not a high-end phone; But with an Android OS however, it may just be great and since I have used LGs before, I can say their hardware is pretty sturdy. I would love an L5 II as it gives me value for my money with prices starting at N24,000. It may seem to be a step-down from my current phone (Torch 9850), but I would rather spend 24K on an L5 than 60K on a Torch 3.

The L5 is not a super-smartphone or a premium phone but it is a phone that can deliver when pushed to edge; the LG L-series are all good phones but my personal recommendation is the L5 as it is very sufficient for someone who is obsessed with speed, graphics and screen size like me and at 24K, as compared to its big brother L7 at 39K, the L5 is the more reasonable choice.

Until Next Time, 
Ezim Osai

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