14 Jun 2013


Early this week, Students of the University of Lagos went on a school-wide protest, kicking against what they described as the increase in the cost of living within the school.

The protest sought to curb the hike in prices of goods and services in the school. According to students who took part in the protest, the incident was brought on when a student-resident of the Mariere hostel,
one of the halls of residence on campus went to a shop to buy Indomie hungry-man size only to realize that it was no longer sold for the normal price of #100 but that the noodle was now #110. The refusal of the shop owner to sell to the student caused the latter to solicit the help of his colleagues in the hostel to take matters into their hands and lock up the shop.

Other students joined in,  using the opportunity to express their displeasure with the current state of things in the institution. The protest then spread quickly,  leading to subsequent closure of shops in the school. The aggrieved students took their protest to the Senate Building where management tried to settle their frayed nerves.

The Management then  issued a mandate on all shop owners to close their shops till the issue raised against them is settled. According to accounts from students of the institution, all business activities have resumed, while some claim there has been a slight improvement in the price of goods in the school.  Meanwhile, the various halls of residence in the institution have begun their hall week activities, with Jaja Hall having its pageant competition.
Contestants at the pageant

It is really important for students to stand up for their welfare once in a while. Ideally students have no serious means of income, and majority of these students rely on the "pocket money" they get from their parents to feed. While there are also some students who work while schooling just to make ends meet. From the student's perspective, it is unfair that they should be made to buy food items at rather exorbitant prices, when it is meant to be the other way round. Hopefully food vendors in conjunction with school managements all over the country would work together to make life much more easier on the average Nigerian student.  

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