27 May 2013

Plight of the Nigerian Child; are we doing enough?

In the news, PUNCH features an interview session with 4 kids to celebrate this year's children's day, also features an opinion calling for effective intervention in the plight of street children and yet another discussing 'hungry pupils' in Lagos public schools,
CHANNELS airs a Nigerian child urging government to stop corporal punishment in schools perhaps in the true spirit of celebrating the Nigerian child. There's a debate covered by the PUNCH on government's proposed ban on Almajiri system of education.

THISDAY has a story hinting that any moment from now Teachers in 18 states of the federation will embark on strike action, meanwhile, Vice-President Sambo has affirmed the completion of more Almajiri schools despite calls from the Senate to ban the school system.

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  1. Unfortunately this practice became a logistical and sensible problem and it took a long time before it may become a practical alternative to institutionalization for our students with afflictions. childcare