8 May 2013

Fully Funded Scholarship Programs for Students in Nigeria

Most students desire to further their education outside the country, and in most cases, the funds are not available to pursue such a feat. There are a few scholarships sponsored by various bodies that provide complete funding for applicants who have been accepted into programmes in schools of their choice in the countries where these scholarships exist
. A few of them are as follows:

Government Funded Scholarships

  • UK Commonwealth Shared Scholarships Scheme : This is a joint scholarship scheme put together by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and UK Universities to provide financial support for international students from developing countries in the commonwealth who wish to study in the UK. The scholarship covers tuition, living costs, air travel, amongst other costs. It is totally free..
  • Australian Awards Scholarships : Formerly known as the Australian Development Scholarship (ADS), the Australian awards are targeted at supporting international students who wish to study in any Australian University of their choice. However, students are required to return to their home countries after their studies in order to contribute to development. This scholarship covers tuition, return air travel, establishment allowance, living expenses as well as health cover for students.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships  : This scholarship programme offers full scholarships/fellowships that offset living costs, tuition fees, travelling and insurance costs of international students who wish to study in countries in the EU. From its inception in 2009, over a thousand students have been awarded scholarships annually.
  • .DAAD Scholarships : DAAD provides scholarships for international students for a range of postgraduate courses in any German university. The aim is to empower young professionals with further specialized skills. They pay monthly scholarship installments, which cover living costs, health and insurance costs as well as an adequate travel allowance, provided that the home country of the student is not already taking care of that.
  • .Netherlands Fellowship Programme : The Netherlands fellowship programme is designed to promote capacity building in organizations in about 61 developing countries in the world. International students from these countries willing to further their studies in any Dutch University or academic institutions are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. It is also fully funded and covers all costs

Scholarships in Universities
  • University of Westminster Scholarship for Developing Countries: This scholarship programme is open to international students from developing countries who wish to pursue a masters degree in any course at the University of Westminster. The scholarship covers full living costs, tuition, as well as traveling costs and health insurance.  
  • Ghent University Scholarshi for Developing Countries: This provides postgraduate masters scholarships for international students who wish to study any course at the University of Ghent in Belgium. Annually, a maximum of 10 scholarships are awarded and it is highly competitive. The scholarship covers tuition fees, a monthly allowance, and relocation fees just once.

Scholarships by Organizations
  • OFID Scholarships: The OPEC Fund for International Development awards scholarships to international students who wish to pursue graduate studies in development-related courses at any university of their choice. The scholarship covers all costs, however, only one is offered annually.

    The key to benefiting from these scholarships is early application. First, it is important for you to have completed your application to whatever school it is you have decided to attend. Make sure that you have been offered provisional admission by the time you begin your application for any scholarship at all, to avoid losing out on the chance to receive the financial aid you need to further your education.

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