2 Jan 2013

5 Blogs

As an aspiring writer, I’ve come to realize there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing the work of fellow talented amateurs. You’d be surprised at the quality of publishable material out there on the web, especially on blogs owned by Nigerians, as a hobby. I co-own a blog myself so I know how much of an effort to keep one alive, a good one at that, that won’t fade into obscurity in days. So, in no particular order, here are what I think are the best five blogs in the Nigerian blogosphere.

Ekwe’s Blog (ekwemartin.wordpress.com): First off, this is not for the weak-minded. It deals mainly with themes of the celestial, from Heavenly wars to far-out planets, and the structure and diction of the posts are far from basic, and can even become downright confusing sometimes. Imagination runs wild here, and one must work to keep up with it. The posts are about as good (and even surpass) most published works by established authors. It is simply brilliant.

Phantom Pages (phantompages.wordpress.com): If you’re a fan of the horror/thriller genre (Stephen King and such), then you’ll find this particularly interesting because it deals in the supernatural. The creepiest stories are found here, skilfully constructed and worded. Being a fan of the horror genre, I follow it religiously, and have even contributed a few posts as well.

Afrosays (afrosays.com): This blog has a wide range of themes, from the supernatural to emotional. Some of the best writing I’ve ever seen lives here (check out the False Lives series or any of the posts in The Trench). The posts here are also very technical, and can be mystifying, but are products of brilliance and skill.

TheNakedConvos: If you know anything  about the Nigerian blogosphere, you probably recognized the name. It’s probably the most popular blog in Nigeria, and deals mainly with relationships and love. But the reason it’s on this list is that it hosts some of the best fiction posts, which are chiefly my interest. Any type of post can be found here, the comical, the fictional, the non-fictional, the discussions, etc. It also hosts events regularly.

Pass The Salt (passthesaltband.wordpress.com): The fact that I co-own this aside, it really is quite awesome. One of the few blogs with a stable concept, it follows the adventures of three guys who play in a rock band by day, but work as agents of Heaven at night. It’s owned by three guys with separate writing styles and strengths, and they all complement each other. Another reason it’s so cool is how volatile it is. It can go from swash-buckling action to horror to emotional at any moment, and the stories diverge and converge randomly. A very interesting read which I aspire to see adapted to the screen someday.


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