2 Jan 2013

5 Blogs

As an aspiring writer, I’ve come to realize there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing the work of fellow talented amateurs. You’d be surprised at the quality of publishable material out there on the web, especially on blogs owned by Nigerians, as a hobby. I co-own a blog myself so I know how much of an effort to keep one alive, a good one at that, that won’t fade into obscurity in days. So, in no particular order, here are what I think are the best five blogs in the Nigerian blogosphere.

1 Jan 2013

The Conclusion

I can attempt to go on and on, highlighting and discussing elements of our culture that not only stifle effective education & learning but that also negatively affect the intelligence, problem solving skills and creativity of many Nigerians.

A number of these elements such as the Nigerian perception of respect, our attitude towards curiosity, our yardsticks for measuring intelligence, the structure of our formal education, excessive emphasis on certificates, gender inequality and so on have already been discussed in the previous parts.