19 Nov 2012

The purpose of education (freestyle)

 Education is not and should not be about providing all the 'answers', it should be about empowering one to be a part of finding the 'answers' (I don't believe in the 'concept of absolutes'; therefore, going by the premise- that 'absolutes don't exist', I'd say that no answer is absolutely complete or fully explains anything/everything and none should be treated as such)

The purpose of education is not to destroy creativity
by super-imposing older thoughts, thought-patterns and methods on fresh minds, I think its essentially supposed to stir ones imagination, rouse curiosity and strengthen ones ability to make unique, individual contributions(in as many regards as possible ranging from creating more 'knowledge' and new ways of doing things to implementing various immediate societal development/global community development initiatives).

The 'beauty of it all', is to give the world the fullness of each person's unique identity, capabilities, creativity, potentials, endowments, talents etc and channelling these individual attributes towards creating a more beautiful, sustainable and enjoyable world.

In conclusion, I am inclined to think that education should be about helping us gain an heightened awareness of our environment, and become more knowledgeable about what has been (done) and what could be, so that we consequently and continually develop an improved understanding of how best our individual uniqueness fits into the bigger picture of creating a better world together/altogether.

by Damola
2012 9JEducation.org work-study

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