8 Nov 2012

Do people still do this???

With full respect i persuade you not no to get upset with this message as i just need a partner in my business Funmi Williams is my name am a Nigerian living and working in Manchester City, UK.I work with WALMART as an Auditor, am looking for someone to work with me as regards the sales of Iphone 5gs, BB Bold5 phones in Nigeria ,I have many links of getting at almost free of charge and i also make make paper order for the stated items some times on my own, but here is no place for supply for such items without company registration and the stuffs is of low value here no one will buy from me when the store is out there so i need someone to be my partner. kindly let me know if we can work together so we can talk about the sharing formula of the income and the postage of the goods +44702****** or send me message on akin****@gmail.com.

With the current situation in our country, and the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, nothing seems to shock me anymore. Having said that, when I stumbled upon the email above in my inbox, it had me wondering do people still do this? Seriously, do they?

I am no stranger to the phenomenon that was "Yahoo-Yahoo" and the incessant trials of young able bodied men (and sometimes women) to lure unsuspecting mail owners into seemingly lucrative business ventures. However this is just downright funny and sad. It brings to mind the plight of the average Nigerian youth. From the contents of the message, one would quickly notice that the author believes that the average Nigerian would be ready to engage in business that might not be legal in the full sense of the word, and because of the growing hardship in the country, such an individual might be tempted to accept such an offer.

It is no surprise that Nigeria is still seen as a haven for internet fraudsters in the eyes of people in the wider world. Hopefully, no one would fall for this age old prank. We can only hope that our leaders would implement the right policies to put "minds" such as the one of the author of the above mail to better use in the nearest future rather than leave our youth to implement their own ill conceived empowerment programs.

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  1. This though.... I know some people who use whatever money they get to buy laptops and pay for internet connection just to scam... Like "scamming" is a business venture....I don't blame the dude who sent you the mail though.... The situation of things in the country could push one to do worse things....