2 Nov 2012

A Back-to-school Guide for the Student who doesn’t want to go back to School.

Being at home during the holidays is perfection right? Freedom to do whatever you want; eat endlessly, watch all those TV shows you missed out on, hang out with your family and friends while you have actual fun, cuddle with your significant other in gorgeous Kodak moments, the list is infinite. Then tragedy strikes in form of a new semester and thoughts of all those endlessly long lectures, pop quizzes, draining walks in
the sun, frustration with not knowing what to have for lunch, and a general want for something saner plague your mind. This list contains a survival strategy for school that has been passed down since Jesus gave that first class in that place with the Pharisees.

Take a look at that course. Fall for those class notes. Stroke out equations and theories with your pen. Recall moments of the past and let them guide you to better understand your relationship with what you’re doing. Basically, liking your course of study is very essential, it’ll give you drive and push you to be the best in your future career. Passion for an area of study is the only thing that has, can and will change the world. So yes, I’m basically saying you should read school books at home.

Demons in this case being the mental state you fold into whenever certain people come into your line of sight. Lecturers weren’t created to bore you or make your life a living hell. Listen to them, take notes in class and please stare politely even if your mind is a billion miles away. Make new friends if your old ones are already in that grating ‘over-comfortable’ zone, it helps balance things out and opens you up to new experiences.

Speaking of experiences, your time away from home, in the university would most likely be on a list of the most memorable of your entire lifetime. Live as much as you can (between intense study sessions); jump, dance, laugh, scream, fall asleep in the arms of your friend, fall in love with something, with someone, listen to new music, play practical jokes. Just make memories. [PS: This doesn’t include sowing or accepting wild baby seeds in wombs].

No, there are no spells here to send you forward in time to when your life would be almost perfect. You need to approach your education practically, be as hands on as you are impulsive. Do assignments and study as much as you can. Have a time table. Attend classes. Become friends with the most bookish person in class. Do everything you can to assure yourself that your education would be safe. You may not use that degree to earn a living afterwards but your stellar record would stand unblemished and that Nigerian society that values a good education as much as currency won’t put you in its dirty black book.

So go on, go shopping, get new clothes, new books, pens and pencils and get ready to face that school like the warrior you are.

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